How much fight money has everybody has gotten already?


I’ve been putting a good amount into the game and I only managed 60,000. Was wondering where everybody is at in fight money? It actually takes longer than I thought to reach 100,000 and if that is the cost to get a new dlc character next month than I’m considering just paying the extra $30 for the 6 characters and new costumes. I am not sure yet and just want to get everybody’s opinion before doing that. The first month is easy but actually keeping it up every month really will zap me of my time lol. Every night I been playing nothing but Street Fighter online competitively to try to build rank, experience and fight money but sometimes I want to take a break but if I do I’m afraid I won’t build up enough fight money before the character comes out. Capcom trying to get me hooked! Lol.


I have 176000. Most of it is from completing Story mode.


390k, some story some survival rest ranked.


Wow. Thanks for letting me know. So you get more money beating story mode? I guess that will be what I do next. Tensho you are set buddy. I guess I’ll try harder so I don’t have to dish out the extra doe for the dlc. Thanks guys.


You get 2,000 FM for beating Story Mode and Survival Easy. Neither takes very long, so that’s 64k right there. (2,000 x 2 modes x 16 characters).

Beating those will rank each character up to level 12 and you get 1,000 FM for each level. 12,000 FM x 16 characters = 192,000.

Therefore, 250k FM is pretty much free. Not truly compelling, but ‘free’. If you avoid story mode costumes or other nonsense, you can save up for two characters (100k each) and bank everything else until character #3 comes. I’m kind of regretting getting the Season Pass myself. Challenges should be another way to earn FM as well as the Story Mode update in June.


the clever thing about delaying story and challenge mode is that capcom can look at how much FM everyone has earned up to that point and adjust the rewards accordingly.

it may be in our best interest to not spread the word on easy FM :wink:

i have 170k myself. story gets you the bulk of that, haven’t touched survival mode yet.

the season pass might still pay off. all that FM you’re not spending now can be put towards the second year as the rest of us struggle to put together another 600k FM…


I have 287,500.
Story complete.
Survival Easy complete.
Survival Normal with R. Mika complete.
Thats all for now.


almost 400k

story all
survival easy all, normal all except 3 or 4, hard still did’nt try

I’m sure around there are peoples with 600k already, wich is the price for all 6 DLC characters


~365k. That’s around 3 expansion characters worth


40k only from ranked and casuals


260,000. Single player sure helps with that, and each new character will help get good fm when they start at 0 and you level that shit up to at least 10.


I’m at like 419,000.

Story complete with everyone.
Survival easy complete with everyone.
Survival normal complete with everyone.
Some ranked matches done.


circa 240K


250k, Story mode, survival and ranking.


400k story, all easy, like 13/16 normal and some ranked/casual.


179K, All stories. Survival easy with Ryu and Ken. Honestly I’m thinking of grabbing the season pass for characters, because things like costumes still cost a fair chunk of FM. But I’ll wait and see how I feel about it after the March update.


when you really want all the content of the game its better to buy the season pass.
you get 6 extra costumes which you can just unlock with zenny later

buying all the story mode costumes with fightmoney will cost you 640 000fm
its very unlikely that you will be able to get enough fm for the chars and the story costumes.
not to speak from the other costumes which you have to buy when you dont get the season pass.

ps: wait for a sale, no need to buy the season pass for its full price. especially on pc:


Nigga i’ve earned 10 years worth of child support fight money so far. Fight me irl. :nunchuck:



Season pass is pretty worthless to me. I have over 300 grand fight money for no effort really. I’ve only done 3 ranked matches too. Won them all so, 150 fm extra lol.


390k. Story + all easy + all normal minus 4 or 5 + one hard + ranked/casuals.