How much for an original SFII arcade cabinet?


So, someone posted an online ad for a used, working SFII arcade cabinet asking for $1000 CAD obo. I offered five hundred dollars Canadian, but now that they’ve accepted, I dunno if this is a ‘good deal’.

I’m sort of a college student, working full time outta school right now, but I can afford the money so that’s not really an issue. But I’m just wondering if it was possible to convert it to a mame cabinet down the road, and how easy it would be to. Does anyone else here have any experience with old cabinets, and is five hundred dollars too much?


dude go to
u can get nice empty cabs for a nice price.
n just build from there. or if u really have the oney to spend.

go to coinopexpress. google it. they sell nice cabs too.


You can find them on craigslist every once in a while for about $300-500 depending on condition.

I wouldn’t buy it for $500 unless it was in great condition which is unlikely.

Tell the guy you want to look at it, go there, find everything wrong with it and offere a couple hundred less


Oh, and which model is it?


Either Astro or Versus City, and then a Hyper Street Fighter 2 kit would get you the same. It might not be cheaper, but the cabinet you’d get would be a sitdown candy cab and be a lot nicer fo sho.


Not a good deal at all for is this for WW.

You might want to browse neo-geo forums for more information about mame, cabs, ects.

Do your research before you jump on this. You can always back out and tell the guy the how you need to do research, its being honest, this is a big investment. A SFII woody for $500 isnt going to sell.

I second the suggestion above and get a candy cab, they are my fav:)


Okay, thanks for everyone’s replies. I’ll go to the aforementioned forums and do some research before I commit to anything.


I don’t get what this means.


he means if it’s just a world warriors cab it isnt worth the money. unless this cab is near mint and the monitor has been rebuilt it isn’t worth $500.


I bought a working SF2 WW cab for $150 from an arcade auction. I’d consider $500 to be massive overkill unless the cab is in brand new condition.