How much have you spent on Street Fighter 2 games?

I’ve bought:

Genesis - Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition: $50
PlayStation - Street Fighter Collection: $20-30 (I forgot exactly how much it was)
Gameboy Advance - Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo Revival $40
PlayStation 2 - Street Fighter Anniversary Collection: $30
PlayStation 2 - Capcom Classic Collection 2: $20

So about $170.

how about just fighting games in general? outside of that though just have like a random SNES one and anniversary collection … i don’t even know how much :confused:

Lost count eons ago, i have been playing capcom fighters for so many years.


I easily spend 20 bucks a week going to the arcade + tournaments + travelling. However, I’ve only been playing this seriously for a year.

lol wut?