How much is hori rap2 worth?

A couPle months ago, i bought a xbox 360 hori rap ex from a seller on amazon for 60 bux. When i got it in the mail, it was a playstation hori rap2 with an xbox 360 converter box. I tried to contact him about it but he didnt respond so i contacted amazon and they refunded my money i paid for it and i got to keep that arcade stick… I also ended up buying a hori rap exse for 90bux… Now im just wondering if anyone knows how much playstation hori rap2 is worth? Cuz i want to sell

help this guy out

can u up pictures?

hell, i’ll buy it

Wow im surprised someone actually wants to buy it. Yea i can show pictures of it later since i got to sleep soon. I dont know if it works though since i dont have a playstation and the converter box only works with wired controllers but ill try to test it to see if it works. It looks like its in good condition

How much are you trying to sell it for?

Probably worth at least $150 with the converter box.

The HRAP 2 by itself isn’t quite as good as an HRAP 2 SA but still worth probably at least $100 for the PS2 PCB inside of it.

A lot of people still want a joystick with a PS2 PCB since it’s easy enough to a get a USB PS3 converter for those – the reverse isn’t true.

Otherwise – the stick is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. If it has just the original buttons and the JLF, it’s not worth $200 on its own. MAYBE with the 360 converter yeah (if someone wants to pay that for a converter!), but otherwise no. $100-$130 for the HRAP 2 on its own with the original PS2 PCB. $150-$200 with the converter.

I’m not buying it, btw… I’m just trying to suggest a reasonable second-hand/used price.