How much is this bundle worth?

Someone is trying to sell me
The Dreamcast (All Cables)
X-Arcade Joystick
1 Dreamcast Control with memory card
Marvel VS Capcom 2 original

just wondering whats a good deal, im not sure how much X-arcade is worth

So the “no asking how much it’s worth” rule is for sellers only?

Dreamcast + pad + memory card = about $50 or so
MvC2 = about $30 depending on the condition
X-Arcade unmodded = $20 or less.
X-Arcade modded with Happ parts and new PCB = about $50.

avoid the X-Arcade unless you are getting it for like 20 or less and plan to mod it with a PS1 pcb, IL Eurojoystick, and Happ Convex buttons.

you should be able to get a DC for cheaper than 50 bucks too.

This is a the coolest loophole to the no thread shitting rule: put it in your own thread! :slight_smile:

“Yeah you could get a DC from the crackhead in front of the Goodwill for some pocket change and a candy bar. Does anyone know if $24.95 + shipping from Lizardlick… err from someone is a good deal?”

ok ty