How much is this custom joystick worth? (eBay)

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to get people’s opinions on how much this custom joystick is worth. It’s on eBay atm.

Here’s the link.

yes… bid on it. if it goes over 150$ i would stop though.

Here’s a few pics:

Looks like a good stick, but with that said, I personally wouldn’t go over a 100 for it. That is just my opinion.

I’ll take that off my watch last. :smile: Yeah, $100 is a good price for it.

that looks like a great stick, artwork rules too

anyway i have a similar question:

I’m looking to bid on a dreamcast Agetec stick on ebay, wondering what price would you guys suggest i stop bidding or whatever, most of these sticks have buy it nows of like 80-90 + shipping (which sucks) :frowning:

That’s too high. The Agetecs are worth $50 or so unmodded.

I think $100 is a little low for that stick, i say its more $120-$150 shipped range which is a good price for it…

Seems suspicious, or unfair at the least. This thread puts a lot of visibility on the auction, even if the OP isn’t the seller. IMO this should be deleted, not just locked, and next time you should post pics of the stick in question, hosted by yourself, and without mentioning eBay.

That stick definitely needs some work. It sits on top of the cable which protrudes from the bottom. Why would he do that? I definitely wouldn’t go over $70 for it. You can get a SE for that much…

I didn’t get a vibe like he was trying to whore it out, but that’s a good point. This post may inadvertently drive up the price if it is his stick. It would be a clever way of circumventing the no selling rule.

yeah the cable coming out of the bottom is a definate no no.

Use a router to make some room for passing the cable (5 minutes tops).