How much is this worth?


Not really sure if this should go here. But I’m not looking to sell this so I didn’t want to put it in the trading forum. Plus this is tech talk I feel like. Anyway I was wondering how much my arcade stick is worth. For some reason I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet. It’s the blue eLivePro RF. It’s number 6 of 300. I found the pink one online for 260. But that one had 500 made not 300. So was just wondering. If someone could get me an answer that would be awesome. Thanks! Click this link for a picture on the eightarc facebook page:

Also the image included is not mine. Just thought I would show it for a reference.


Well that is a limited edition version of the Qanba Q4 Ice Blue.
The stock Qanba Q4 Ice Blue is $180.

Some sites in Europe sells this stick for approx $240 to $250 US


Why do you need the know the value if you’re not looking to sell it?






I’d be curious to hear about anyone insuring their arcade stick. I can understand if you wanted to insure an arcade cabinet made by b15sdm, or even a stock Vewlix, Namco Noir or other cab, but an arcade stick?

As an aside, since I’m part of many toy/figure collecting communities as well, I’ve heard stories of people wanting to insure their collections. The problem comes down to many insurers won’t insure the toy collection if they’re told they’re “toys”; and on the flipside, if they’re being insured as “collectables”, they get lumped into things like antiques, rare coins, etc, and thus command a much higher premium/coverage and the like.


Well…since it is a limited run it could be classified as a collectable lol


Don’t forget, they are only insured at a value assigned by an insurrance firm, not what you or eBay ‘claims’ (which is probably the real price) is. So they may only insure a fightstick for like 50$. They may(probably) don’t distinguish one fightstick from another. I feel you on the reasoning though. I have a Street Fighter x Sanrio stick that I’d hate to lose :confused:


Thanks everyone!


Or he stole a stick and is looking to see how much he should re-sell it for. Can’t hate the hustle.


Definitely true there. Always a reason to keep receipts and status of what things are worth.