How much knowledge of USF4 carries over to 5?


I’m a huge newbie to fighting games, and unfortunately im in too much of a financial tightspot to get a PS4 or upgrade my PC. Ultra Street Fighter IV was really cheap on steam summer sales, so someone got it for me. If I practice USF4 a lot and finally have enough money to afford 5, how much of this knowledge will carry over into the new game? Will I be screwing myself over?


Some of it does. A lot doesn’t.

SF4 is very frame trappy like V.

But you arent going to get away from pressure as much in v. The comeback mechanics in V are less strong. V Trigger is not like Ultra.

Combos are harder in 4, and the footsies are deeper, at least at this time they are.

SFV is very very fast and risk based. Not as many option selects.
SF4 is slow, and is more about not doing the wrong thing. Low commitment. Lots of option selects


Learning a fighting game or any game is a skill in itself.
If you’re able to learn a game well and be critical about the game and yourself, you’ll be able to translate that to other games.

Obviously you have to learn SFV from the ground up as soon as you drop IV, but you don’t feel like a kid lost at Walmart anymore and you’ll be able to systematically learn the game faster than someone with no experience in fighting games at all.


A good thing about this is if you learn some execution in USFIV, you’ll have no problem with SFV execution once you play it because it is massively reduced. Depending on the character you play is varies obviously but still.

But what you won’t learn is the whole system of V which is as said above kinda high risk high reward, commitment heavy. Whereas USFIV is more light on the commitment, it’s easier so get away from stuff.
But if you’re a total beginner you’ll learn a lot about the core of SF anyways. Learning to read and use frame data for example doesn’t change and once it’s done you just adapt it to the new game.


Question: I’m mostly in the same spot as Aeon, new to fighting games have SFIV (ultra).
While my PC can probably handle SFV I’m not sure I want to invest the money if I find I can’t commit enough time to it so I wanted to know if the SFIV community is still going strong or if everyone switched to SFV?
Edit: this being the Europe community, northwest corner still on the mainland (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & France)


Most people switched to SFV.
There’s an average of 250 people playing IV while there’s an average of 1000 people playing V on Steam alone.


If you have good fighting game fundamentals this game will be easy to pickup,

Just don’t bring your defensive game from ssf4 to sf5. The input lag and stubby normals that leave you wide open will end you.


Get Ultra for now, there are enough people playing it esp f you pick up a used Xbox360 and the game, you will be playing a lot of people in the same boat as you are. Just don’t spend too much time on fadc combos since they are not in 5. Red focus cancles are kinda like some characters Vtriggers, so that may carry over. Once you switch over to5 it will just take a week or so to get used to how 5 plays. compared to 4, 5 kinda feels like trying to run underwater.