How much money you should bring to Evo?

So, it’s a little too late for me to start saving for this year’s Evo, but I want to start saving NOW for Evo 2k12.

How much money should I bring for food, flight (Lousiana), and the room?

I figure if I save 40ish dollars for 50 weeks, that’s 2000 dollars. Should that be enough for the event? What’s a safe amount?

I think $2000 is plenty…consider:

Where the event will be held next year(Best to be at the same hotel as the event IMO)
Entry fee (If you decide to compete)
The cost of the flight
Shuttle buses are pretty cheap
If you will be rooming or not
Casino monies
Emergency money…you never know.

Emergency money would be good. If you have a credit/debit card for emergencies, that would be great. Plane tickets are quite expensive though.

You can still find good deals on airfare…Bing’s Price Protector does a good job of predicting good airfare deals.

If you use a site like Orbitz and book a package deal (room and flights) you will save a grip of money. Also the earlier you book your trip, the cheaper it will be.

Well, let’s see. My receipt for this year’s trip is roughly:
-$300 for flight roundtrip
-$110 for Room(full trip, and rooming with 3 other people)
-$90 for entree in 2 games

So that’s a $500 notch into my money, and I haven’t accounted for food, cigarettes, drinking, gambling or moneymatches. To be safe, for 5 days in Vegas for EvO – $1000 is about what you want to go there with on average.

I’ll be winning alot of that back in MM’s though, so if you’re good at a game(s) then you always have that option to equate your spending. Not something I’d recommend relying on though.

I travel to Vegas regularly for weekend trips, and $1000 for 5 days seems a little excessive unless you plan to party/drink/gamble all 5 nights. If you are then more power to you. Sure MM’s, but as a casual trip? $500 would probably suffice.

This is after entry fees, plane tickets, and hotel costs, etc. Not that bringing $1000 is a stupid idea, but don’t kill yourself thinking you need a grand in Vegas if you’re not going to go crazy. It’s not a completely money sink, and you can find some good deals on food at casinos, shows, or you can hang in hotels find rooms to play in and get matches in!

See you there!

I wish I could find a trip flight to Vegas for $300. This will be my first time in Vegas. I’ll have over $1000, because I plan to MM Dieminion and Jwong. Not for a lot mind you, but I’ll just have it just in case.

1,000 is plenty if you account for hookers.


Once everything is paid for (flight, hotel, food, booze) I usually end up spending a little under 1k.

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Anyway yeah, the Rio is looking pretty expensive, where are you guys staying at? Maybe I can find one that’s close…

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But seriously depends on how much partying/eating you are going to do for 3-4 days?

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Probably not much partying, but my friends will be lol. Eating, I dunno?

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Oh yeah. I forgot to mention, and I’m sorry to necro the post, but my goal is still 2,000 and I’m going to be flying in from Louisiana, depending on the hotel, I’ll need someone to board with (I’ll be 20 at the time of Evo 2k12. Not old enough to book a room at the Rio for example. I’d like some throwing around money for stuff at Evo and some decent food.

EDIT: Oh and Vegas souvenirs. Duh…