How much of a match up this game truly is?


i just bought ultra the other day and i kept losing with c.viper to the shoto’s
i swiched to feilong and i just won almost every match 4 out of 5 matches in totall.
this is crazy,everything on this game relays heavily on matchups,i’ve yet to find tools that break the laws of the match ups and actually
give your characters the tools they need.
this comes from a kof player so forgive me for being totall ignorant about street fighter.


Matchup is everything in this game. Its like chess you need to know your options as well as the other players options.
The hitboxes / hurtboxes are a lot more unique per character than KOFs.


well as opposed to special hit boxes, in kof you have better tools and variation’s of attacks.
better mechanics.matchup is just one way of playing a fighting game,other fighters give you rushdown,ex characters,
ex moves,rolls,listen there is no need to bring kof to this discussion i just want to know if there is a way to break in the matchup laws
for better experience.


Well your the one who brought up KOF, quit with the attitude. I answered the question what more do you want ?


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i never brought up kof,just ignore it.all i want to know is how can you seriously play this game?
where the shoto’s dominate in the casual-medium skilled players.
i understand it gives you the motivation to gt better but how can you do that?


You play the footsies and ground game, and dont jump and use normals. Its a lot about spacing, whiff punishing etc.
Theres a good tutorial on youtube by Vesperarcade:
you wont find a better tutorial than that.


Aside from good play, I don’t think there is. Maybe it’s just me but whenever I hear people bring up KoF in comparison, they always talk about how great it is that people have universal options that work to balance and allow many characters to be competitive, and how SF has less of that. You may be out of luck here.


You need at least 2 characters in this game. 3 would probably be better. Match ups are very important and a shoto with good spacing and zoning skills is going to cause a big problem for viper as her footsies is pretty bad in comparison and she needs to jump in and do random shit to work. She’s a cool character but if you’re new to SF, you’re not going to learn how to play SF by playing her.


although the game is matchup heavy, it’s nothing compared to ST. i really don’t think there are any 9:1 matches in SF4. there may be a few 8:2 although many might not agree with me and think there’s a lot more but remember the amount of characters in this game. it’s bland but that’s how u make 44 chars balanced.

i really only use like 5 characters because i don’t love any of them enough to keep as my main. sf2-blanka, sf alpha-gen, sf3-oro, sf4-none. well maybe gouken but i’m bored of him.


i find you really should play 2 characters at a high level preferably of contrasting strengths.


wow this is just ridiculous,
i just watched a high level play of ssf4ae2012.
i just cant belive people switch characters so often, the competitors chose the characters with the best chances to win
in contrast to the other player’s selected character,this is just wrong,kinda dirty.
i like it :wink: its a fresh air as opposed to constant playing until you get better in kof.


While matchups do play a part, the problem with your post is that you say you just bought the game the other day and you’re trying to play viper. Viper is not an easy character to start playing, especially if you’ve just started playing USF4. Also, online play is much different than offline play, and matchups can look much different between two top level players than they do between two low or intermediate players…

So, in your case, since you’re new, you shouldn’t really make too many judgements about what the matchups are, until you’ve truly explored all of your options and practiced your anti-airs, hitconfirms and combo punishes.


i serched online about c.viper,shes only good against small percentage of the cast,shes tottaly being dominated by shoto’s.
i also hear alot from players on this game and i watch the online warrior on youtube about usf4.
to sum it up its a chess game,some characters are riders and queens and others are just soldiers.
and dont get me wrong i like the idea.but the execution is hard to get used too