How much of an improvement is this arcade stick change?


I have been playing with the injustice arcade stick, and I want to change it for a Madcatz tournament edition fight stick.
Is it a good improvement, regular great?
Its the right change right?


What is wrong with the injustice fightstick? It’s a good stick so why would you switch. It is just wasting money.


Well I don’t know I heard it’s not the BEST quality is not bad but not the best, so I was wondering, and exactly for that is that I’m asking, if someone who has both sticks could develop an argument I will be grateful :smiley:


Well, a new stick will definately will not give you any new benefits if your injustice stick is still perfectly fine, if that is what you mean.
Especially not if you are still somewhat of a beginner. The stick is just a tool, your skills will not improve on it just because you might have stick with some more “quality” parts.
You can do everything on the Injustice stick just as easily as on a madcatz or hori stick.

Unfortunately i cannot give you direct feedback on the differences but it honestly should be a non-issue.


I disagree somewhat. When I was pretty new I switched out the original buttons on my madcatz stick for official sanwa buttons and IMMEDIATELY felt the difference in response time. They returned to neutral much faster and had a bit more resistance than the original buttons and I noticed I was able to plink and double tap much more consistently. They can make a difference, they can’t teach you execution or fix your game plan but they DO help.


The Injustice stick uses Qanba parts of questionable quality.

Not only will Sanwa parts last longer, but the feel and responsiveness of them is so much better.


I know its just a tool I know that getting a better stick is not going to make me a pro, but as this good lad just said, the difference in quality can make a difference, that’s why I’m asking in this forum if someone owns both and can help me out…


this has nothing to do with sf4

moving to tech talk


The Qanba parts are not consistent at all when it comes to quality control. I hate to say it, but in this case, these knock offs are definitely not high quality. Some are floppy and loose, some are stupidly tight (not tense and snappy, but dumb tight) and some are ok. The buttons are fine, in fact all you’d need to do is get new switches. If you like the Sanwa switch feel, then they’re drop in replacements.

For the stick itself, you could pursue a number of options. Any number of those options is probably better than the Qanba stick. It’s pretty bad. A JLF is a drop in replacement. A Hayabusa might be, too. Seimitsu LS-56 as well and a JLW with spacers. LS-40 would probably work, too, but you’ll need those S plates for it. Any of these options are better than the trash stick by Qanba.


So it’s a good trade? (Injustice fightstick for Madcatz tournament edition fightstick)


I have both sticks and personally my opinion on it is that the madcatz is better, dont get me wrong I like the injustice stick perfectly fine, but to me the madcatz was better in every way and I choose it over the injustice stick every time. But again just my opinion.


Sounds like a good trade to me.


Thanks ppl :slight_smile:


You don’t need to trade. You can use your Injustice case, just spend $20 to get a JLF. Or another joystick. That’s all you need.