How much of the trials have you completed? Did they help you at all?

The trial mode in most games seems like sort of a cop-out for actual training purposes and most new players probably don’t ever bother with them since it doesn’t actually TEACH anything (one of the things I’m most looking forward to in Skullgirls is seeing their tutorial mode in action.)

However one of the most common complaints I saw when AE came out was “why didn’t they bother putting in Oni/E.Ryu/Yun/Yang trials?” (as well as one of the more requested additions to AE v2012) I personally have recently gone back and started doing the trials since I originally barely touched on em (only did like 3 characters fully when I first got the game.)

How many of you have done the trials, and how did they help (if at all)? I think the only thing I gained out of doing the trials so far is a slight improvement in my execution, but you could get that just by beating up on the training dummy for a few hours a day.

I did all of them before AE came around. If they taught me one thing, it’s that fierce feint fierce is nothing compared to RSF.

RSF is a pain for sure. Def the hardest of the feint type combos. I think Makoto’s feint combos and Vipers are about equal, but RSF is on another level.

I did the ones I deemed really easy on all characters and finished all of my mains, so I was up to ~75% or something.
It’s not so much about actually being useful than about combo training in an environment that feels less boring (bc you have smth other to work on than on “I get better”).
Juri Trials improved my FADCing and made release cancels really easy while having a “bigger goal” to work on, training in practice feel comparably boring.

Huge downside to Trials however are the missing Input displays which makes you a) not learn WHY you failed and b) pick up bad habits easily.

They’re a good thing to mix up with usual practice to break off grinding boredom a bit, but that’s pretty much all they’re good for.

It does nothing except waisting time since the training dummy doesn’t get up quickly and it’s on auto block.

Also there are many ways to «cheat»

Not entirely sure WHY you would cheat though. I mean I can cheat at solitare but there isn’t any reason.

I don’t mind the challenge mode, it can be fun sometimes, but my buff with it is that it teaches you some useless combos that you would never ever use in a match.
Wasting 2 bars and having to do two 1 framers in a combo for 300 damage is not viable in my opinion.

The short answer is not really.

I only completed 2 and that was only because I wanted the titles. Trial’s r a gd way 2 get you started into the game but most of the combos I would never use in an actual match. Not 2 mention the fact that when u go into trial it switches u from AE to Super so some of the combos may not even work anymore (not sure if this is true tho)

My biggest issue with Capcom’s trial modes is that you get absolutely no indication of what you’re doing wrong. Was it Tekken that allowed you to ‘play’ the combo and see the inputs and timing?

Regardless of displaying the actual inputs, if that’s too n00b for some, being able to watch a demo of the combo before attempting it would at least give a much better idea of what to do than trial and error…

I fully agree, there was a number of trials that require you to do something a certain way and you are given two options. There was one trial I kept failing (can’t remember which) but I was trying to do the final moves input right away and it kept whiffing. I looked it up and it turned out you were supposed to hit the person as they were falling back down from being launched up from the previous attack, not try and catch them before hand.

i did 100%. i dont think it really helped me with anything.

my E-peen did get about 10% larger tho

I did 100% but I remember I had only one left out of all of them and it was a Sakura one… I honestly still believe it was the stupidest link ever known to man but I’ve since forget which trial number it was. It was a medium kick though that much I do remember.

I think it did help my execution though, plus I was doing the C to shining C achievement because it sounded like fun, so I was doing lets say C.Vipers trials then taking her to C class then moving onto another character.
I never would be playing Guy if I didn’t do this actually but I don’t know if thats a good thing as I was a Fei Long player :frowning:

I did them all.
I guess they were ok… my execution since I started has gone from 0 to 11, so maybe they helped…

most of them are useless but doing all of them or most gives you a slight feel for other characters you might want to sub. IDK, about every week or so I’ll go and do a couple more. No point now really though.

I just got the game a week ago and after having trouble deciding who to main, I just chose the character in which I have completed the most trials for.