How much RAM did the old Street Fighter 2s have?


For some reason I really want to know the answer to this. I was wondering if anybody knew how much RAM the old arcade machines of World Warriors through Super Turbo had.



You can most likely google it…

here i’ll do it for you:


I have been, but I can’t find an answer for some reason. I can find specs for the CPS, but I can’t find how much RAM the games had.


Doesn’t CPS1/2 have Read-only memory to store graphics and sound data?


I’m not sure. That may be the case. I have been trying to find out the answer, but I can’t. The only thing I can find is that the size of a zipped ROM is about 3.5 MB, which would make me believe that the RAM (if it did have any), probably wasn’t more than 2 MB.

Again, I have no clue, and that’s why I am trying to find out.


To specify, I know that the CPS1 board was designed for multiple games, but I also realize that the gaming landscape was different back then.

My initial guess was that the cabinets did have RAM like the early game systems, but this may be wrong. I think the SF3 cabinet had like 96MB of RAM.


ROM can’t be written to, you would still need RAM to hold anything beyond the size of the cache.
Doesn’t say how much RAM, but for a general estimate take another more current arcade system and divide it’s RAM by 2 for every 2 years from release until you get to 1996.


Thanks for the info. If I take the Naomi board, and only include the main system RAM at 32MB in 1998, that would mean in 1990 the RAM was most likely 2MB and in 1994 it was 8MB. That would most likely put SF2 WW at 2MB and SSF2T at 8MB.

Of course that would discount any sound or video RAM they may (or may not) have had.


If I recall correctly, Street Fighter II arcade machines actually used YOMI instead of RAM; that is, no on-the-fly memory was required because the game board could always predict exactly what each player was going to do next.


I’d wager that you could get a definitive answer from the author of WinKawaks, or another CPS emulator. They’d have to know these machines inside and out to emulate them.

Also, I agree with YieArKungFu that the games had to use at least some RAM… it would be necessary to handle variables such as scores, life bar energy, and time, along with all onscreen graphics. Why that information is unavailable on Wikipedia and other sources is anyone’s guess.


you’d probably get a better answer if you posted this in the Tech Forum which is just below the Fighting Game Discussion forum.


CPS1 rom carts had ram within them.
CPS1 (revision with q sound) had 4mb on board


Thanks for the replies and info. Greatly appreciated.


I guess what I meant to say was CPS1/2 wouldn’t have a significant amount of memory since most of the data was stored on ROMs. By “insignificant” I mean like less than 128k or something. No spec anywhere I have been able to find on it says anything about how much RAM the CPS1/2 has, just that it has a little bit of SRAM and that’s about it.

I would think Raz’s docs would have that info, and it just doesn’t–maybe try e-mailing Raz? He should know :stuck_out_tongue:

CPS3, OTOH, has a relative avalanche of memory since it has to load game data off a CD-ROM.