How much real-world damage have you done? (raging...)

This happened last year, around June/July. It was my wont to throw my 360 controller fairly hard on the carpet if I got my ass kicked particularly bad in online SFIV. One night my roommates (my bro and his gf) are out doing their thing somewhere. I’m at home having a happy old time with Rose, at least for a spell. Eventually I lose a large number of frustrating matches in a row, and slam my controller against the floor at an angle I could never again duplicate, which then shoots right up at the adjacent angle and smashes my bro’s gf’s 47" LCD 1080p television. Since then I’ve been giving her $100 a month until it’s paid off, and I had to take my plasma set out of my room and move it downstairs to compensate. Lame. :shake:

I bold and underlined the problem.

That said, I’ve only destroyed one pad over the last 10 years, and it was about 9 years ago. I get frustrated, but never angry enough at fighting games to need to wreck shit.

Which is why I’ve never ever tossed a controller in rage. Helps that the floor over here is made from ceramic tile.


Your telling us this, why?

2 controllers (xbox, and xbox 360), a keyboard, about 4 mice (doesn’t help that they’re wireless), and 4 remotes. This is, of course, over my entire life.

I drink and smash because I love.

Because he wants to make sure he is not the only “idiot” who has done something like this.

OK. Now I understand.

Never quite sure if these are troll threads.


I did tilt one of those coin machines in a Dave and Busters once though. It started blaring sirens so I ran the fuck away. Does that count?

This is why you play with a stick.



Anyone who ever grew up on those old Sega Genesis controllers learned never to toss their pads around. Those things counted as deadly weapons.

Don’t tell the boy lies.

Anger Management should start advertising to gamers.

Haha, good point. Learning a high-tier would probably be better than turning him into a stick tosser, but it would be hilarious to see a TE fly.

Those Genesis pads were awesome weapons. Nice and weighted on the edges, too. Like a plastic boomerang.


There’s just the right amount of faggotry and stupidity these days so its hard to tell anymore; they just blend together

I feel like smashing my pc everytime I see someone write in pink text. Don’t get me started on the horrible things I do puppies when I see yellow text…