How much should I charge someone for tutoring?


Background story:

A friend posts a facebook status about how he is taking photos of his calculus text book and cheating, which is stupid on many levels because that won’t help you, so i offer tutoring.

But then i think to myself, i ain’t about to do this for free. He is in business calculus, and i am currently in calculus 2, i’m not bad at calculus, i good certainly tutor someone. especially in all of the beginning easy stuff like product, quotient, and chain rules.

This dude is like, a huge weed dealer. He is known for being a stingy cheap Indian bastard. He was asking me about the derivative of 3/ root x, and he thought it was simply 3 (lol). so i know he needs tutoring, but my question is how much should i charge per hour?


ya just don’t bother tutoring english

that isn’t just a spelling mistake…fuck, it’s like a brain mistake

on second thought, don’t bother tutoring anyone in anything


Its all about how much he’s willing to pay. Throw out something thats steep, see how he reacts. Then pull it back some for being “a friend.”

Its all about how much he wants help tho. You volunteered yourself after all.


charge him enough so that it’d be worth your time. for me that would have probably been something like 20/hr when i was in college. business calculus is a fucking joke though, it’s pretty funny watching people that think they’re smart get owned by the watered down shit they’re teaching there.


I had to edit your post so I could translate it for the masses.

Here’s a tip - don’t offer to help someone and then attempt to charge them - it’s a real dick move. Next time just mind your business or help for free. Trying to call him a ‘huge weed dealer’ to make yourself look less of a douchebag failed.


^^ Lol. It’s like niggas inviting you to eat… say a at bbq or at a picnic or some shit, then at the end of the day they ask you to chip in for the food.

Fuck you. They don’t wanna chill with you, they just wanna split the bill wth you.


blow jobs


2 grams/hr (assuming it’s dank)


The original thread title was, “How much should i charge someone to tutor them?” :bluu: :shake:


i always knew people were either good at math or good at english. very few being good at both.



just checked first post. a brain mistake ahahaha

or maybe his brain got it right but it was his fingers that were retarded?


can’t help others if you can’t help yourself.
in my opinion


You SHOULD do it for free. Why charge for knowledge? And iisn’t making the world a better place a good enough reward?

P.S. Charge him a shit load.


How much should you charge him? Obviously a gram an hour.


Tell him to break you off with some of that weed he has.


Charge quite a bit. One on one tutoring in a specialized field shouldn’t be cheap and he’s the one that needs it. You’re not being a douchebag just because you don’t spend your time helping others for free. If its a friend that’s one thing, but if its just a guy who needs help then you should get compensated.


-Yeah yeah it was late give me a break on the brain mess up. waiting in line for 3 and a half hours at the DMV will do that to you.

-I don’t smoke, even though he offered, which is ridiculous.

here’s a tip- insert witty counter response disguised as an insult !!!

i go out of my way regularly to tutor family and close friends. this guy is not a close friend.

it’s completely logical to charge someone for private tutoring. you can’t put a price on good grades.

anyway, i’m thinking like 10-15 bucks an hour. that’s not bad.