How much space WinVista & Nvidia drivers needs?


is that even possible? nearly 16gbs?! :confused: wtf?! how comes that the nvidia drivers take so much space too (see the img below)?

there s something wrong? :looney:


Looks about right to me. When I format, I look at MY COMPUTER and see that there’s already a bigass chunk already taken up. But it’s okay. I don’t save many things.


Software hogs too much space nowadays.
It seems to be normal for those Nvidia drivers.


This. Software is way too damned bloated. I remember when people were into tweaking Windows XP installations to take up 200mb of space. I also remember how pissed off I was when a game wanted 100mb back in the day. :wasted: 3GB for video drivers makes baby jesus cry.


nope that doesn’t actually make sense, its probably just a bug that nvidia drivers shows 3gb+. I had a bug that windows reported to be taking 17gb in add/remove but in reality it took only a few mb.

No video card driver is going to take that much space unless especially since the download is only like 50mb lol. I just installed the latest drivers and its showing up like that for me as well.