How much tech is there to potentially be discovered?

this game seems to not have alot to offer in terms of depth. and there isnt alot of people playing. you think after its first few weeks of existence, there is still more out there to be shown? ie., combos, tech

Easily! There is decent turnouts every online tournament and there are several weekly. Each character has a ton of stuff to find.

Matchups, zoning patterns, wakeup mixups are HUGE, and they have a while to go.

On the same topic, probably confirms into hard knockdowns, and team combinations (that will last forever, 2v2 will keep getting more and more team-specific tech).

Combos are discovered quickly enough, but they’re not really the big deal with this game, though they’re necessary to know when you have the confirms for them.

all i’m saying is this, otg bannanas is so much fun.