How much time do you put into fighting games?

Give an approximate number. How much time do you devote to playing, practicing, even watching youtube vids, to fighting games?

I would say on average I devote 2 hours a day, although some days I have spent all day and night playing fighting games.

Im more of like a binge player, i may go a few days not playing, and then one day go all out. But I usually get in a little bit of training mode or a couple of online matches a day.

I’m about the same. I’ll poke around a bit in training mode a couple days, then BOOM, a few days later I pass out from too much fighting, kinda…

Not enough to actually get good :frowning:

Not much lately, I’m afraid.

The only people I can play against are online opponents, and I really don’t like the lag. >_>

I randomly wander between Vampire Savior and CvS2, and play them for about three-four hours when I can.

I try to play at least a few hours a day. If it was easier for me to play IRL I’d probably play even more.

Too much would be my answer right now… I’ve had like a 12 hour session of AE.

But I’m part of the binge(?) crew. Maybe some trainingroom if I’m motivated and then a marathon session once in a while. Not to keen on AE just waiting for other shit to come out right now tbh. SF4 is a proper game when you play proper people but online no one gives a shit and it’s just wakeup guessing-time every game.

Almost all the time I could.Which is alot

mon-thurs, at least 1 hour, max 4(depending on what time i leave school), from school sometimes i straight go to the arcades and hang out till closing time

friday-sun, at least 2 hours, max i dont know, all night? though sometimes i do other things on weekends i dont get to play as much. but yeah, living less than a minute away from an arcade, i can just check it out from time to time, its like my 2nd home, people who look for me will look for me there first before going to my actual place lol

God I wish I had an arcade that close. Closest good one to me is four hours away.

yeah, its nice, though just a small arcade, nothing fancy.

i dont know how im gonna cope with the withdrawal once i leave japan for good next year. :frowning:

seriously, you’re a lucky bastard. If an arcade was right down the street from me I would live there too!

This mostly when my friends come online.