How much time do you spend trainig on fighting games?

How much time of your day do you train/play fighting games? Just curious.

Everyday, from 30 to 60 mins. On the weekends I get together with my friends and play for hours. Just came up with a new combo with Makoto.

I only get to play people once or twice a month, so I try to spend at least an hour a day practicing something, even if its just execution. Keepin it sharp and clean is what its all about. Setting aside an hour a day is harder than you think when you’re out of the house for 12~14 hours a day because of work.

Edit- No work on weekends, of course… but who wants to spend weekends sitting around playing with themselves?

I plead the fifth to that.

I usualy spend a couple of hours a day playing them. It’s hard to figure out game plans when you fight the cpu all the time though IMO.

On average…and hour for 3s, and hour for cvs2 and an hour for GG…but i dont really consider it practice…just having fun. Try to get friends over on the weekend to play and hit the local cades when i can also. Good times.

I used to practice a lot, but now I don’t play in training mode/vs cpu almost anymore. Besides the fact that my ps2 is missing (sent it to the modder, still waiting from three weeks), I don’t have that much time.
I play in the weekly small local tourney (+ related casuals of course), and once in a while another evening in the week.
I have so much more fun playing vs humans, and an hour against a decent opponent learns you more than 100 hours in training mode.
I really put training mode on only for those occasions:

  1. I feel a bit rusted on some combos/timings
  2. I want to practice a new combo that’s not easy enough to just test in matches
  3. I feel I have to clean up my execution to prepare for a big event

Yeah same here couple of hours a day i suppose ,

i get to play some games on killera …

but id love to get some competion on cvs2 and 3rd strike but my mates aint into fighters anymore

so its always CPU for me which is still fun but a whole different ball game to playing VS

My friend comes over often now a days, and we play 3S for like 2 hours or more, depending what day it is.

Playing the computer is damn boring!

haha i spend next to no time praticing . just use all the same shit i did b4 and adapted it to people .

everyone i know has stoped playing so no one to pratice on.

At arcades I spend like thirty minutes or more each visit trying to get into a game if I am serious about it. I don’t have a lot of cash or time to spend the entire day mastering anyone, so I go when I can.

At home if I own it, I spend hours upon hours learning every nick and crany I can about which ever character I am interested in mastering at the moment.

Twice a month for about 4-5 hours.


All depends on my friends being available to play against.:razzy:

Depends on the game, as well as how bored I am at the time.

i can’t play 1p mode in any fighter any more, period. must be some kind of curse. if i don’t have any comp, i don’t play. so maybe 2-3 hours a week give or take, sometimes i’ll go months without playing a fighter. just don’t have the same approach i used to, or the desire to get back to that point of playing every day.

this is slightly off-topic but how many hours a day would you recommend to someone completely (me) new to a fighting game? I’ve just started playing 3s and atm the cpu gives me a tricky time pretty often. I want to be able to master the basics and pull off combos easily

How ‘new’ you are affects alot of this. If you can’t do fireballs/dps/supers on command, I’d recommend my ‘rule of 10s’. Go into practice mode, and try to do that motion 10 times in a row without screwing up. That is, 10 fireballs, 10 dp’s, 10 of super X, etc etc etc. Once you can do those without fail, then you can move on to using them in a match. Play until you’re comfortable doing those in match on command versus the computer. Then, once you’re comfortable with the motions themselves, learn the combos that go with them. For example, low foward xx shippu with Ken. Repeat the rule of 10’s for each combo, when you succeed with that, start playing the computer. I realize the computer sucks for actually learning gameplay, but a moving opponent is better for practicing reacting to landing hit confirms like low forward than just whacking the dummy in practice mode all day.

The rule of 10s has been successful for me and the people I’ve helped learn SF, all 2 of them. Yep, I’m the master teacher.

But seriously, to learn actual basics in the game beyond combos, you need to play ‘real people’. Or at least ‘internet people who don’t suck’ on XBox Live.

Haha, XBox is huge.

thanx for your advice, will try out your rule of 10 asap!

Meet every week for 6 hours, usually either fighting games or puzzle games, not to mention breaks and waiting in line…
ocassionally visiting friends houses and playing them…
Playing online every so often, maybe another 2-3 hours per week then.
No job and no schoolwork really help the obsession.
Oh, multitasking is important, usually have some rpg on the TV as I play on kaillera.

Yet I still suck, hehe.

Hey, that “rule of 10” thing is pretty sharp. Props.

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