How much time do you spend trainig on fighting games?

Great; I should be at the tourney, I hope you can make it. If you want a specific person to collect, that’s fine; I know Robin much better than the other two, I know Mike a little from talking to him last Durham tourney.

If you could just send a PM or something to kafuin_gaira as a confirmation, that would be much appreciated. It’s in great condition, so I’ll give you good $. In the event that you find somebody that will do much more than $45-50, then by all means go ahead & make the proper business decision.

Thanks again… :cool:

Don’t train. Play.

Eh, it really depends upon how available my friends are to play against. I usually don’t spend a lot of time playing against the computer. The most I could do that would be an hour or two every other day or so. If I can get together with some friends, though, we can play any number of fighting games for 4+ hours at a time. I’d like to be able to do that every day, but work and school can make free time on the scarce side.

I wouldn’t call it ‘training’ unless I have some friends over and we all tray to teach and learn from each other and so forth. I play and practice new shit for hours, but I don’t train. IMO, training only applies when you have other than the cpu to play against otherwise its just practicing.

I hit the arcades regularly. Maybe 2-3 times a week for maybe an hour or so

I don’t train anymore. maybe once a month if i’m bored, but i generally don’t really train.

I just learn the bnbs, the Air2Airs, AntiAirs, and they’re main pokes from the distance, and then learn they’re special moves, learn they’re speed in walking and jumping in 30 min or so whenever I do practice.

“If you want to be the best, it’s practice everyday, pal” Andy Bogard

I haven’t practiced in forever. Without any comp I just don’t have a reason to right now. But when I do its AT LEAST an hour a day, everyday. Mainly on Execution.

Practice can go above and beyond the regular “trying to get a move out”…IMO, the only practice done at home solo should be the basics of course, mostly execution and getting it to top notch condition…you can also try finding out new setups although the higher lvls require that you have a buddy with you to counter against it or make sure it’s not only doable on the CPU (you can sometimes cheat, ie. tie a rubber band around the analog on a DC pad while practicing unblockable with Sent in MvC2).
I think the ideal way to get better is the practical applications of finding a style that best suites yourself…you can see this best in arcade setting, but that’s just me personally.
Also, getting to a point where you really don’t practice anymore is somewhat common at higher lvls, but if you feel “rusty” there’s no harm in getting back into the groove by playing against other people, or if you want to expand your tools then you can go back into training and find new stuff out (also by just jacking stuff seen in videos).
Basically it comes down to this IMO:
Practice at home = combos/execution/etc.
Arcade/play with other people = seeing if your stuff “works” and the ability to adapt to their style of play.
I’ve seen some old geezers in the arcade who just play ryu and just do fireball over and over again…ok so he gets double perfects and all, but to me that’s just dull boring play…most people would either get bored of it or try new stuff out in those scenarios. But some people who are sick of losing get that one lucky win and feel like a million bucks, so they’re either happy and stay that way or get bored and either experiment or quit, but that’s a totally whole 'nother topic.
It really depends on the comfortability lvl of yourself and how content you’d be with your current way of playing. Me personally, I would get bored winning using the same stuff over and over again, trying the more difficult stuff is more a challenge, and I always have fun losing to more advanced players as unbelievable as it may seem.
But to answer the main question, it usually takes me anywhere from an hour (for known stuff) to several hours (for new unlearned techniques) if I want to get the dexterity down. The real thing that is most important thing in my opinion is to see if you can do what you learned at home in a different type of environment with people who have brains.
A good example I like to use is going over to a friend’s house where you have him as a very good example b/c apparently he can guide his brother through troubleshooting on the computer while owning my ass all day. Best of all, the arguing and constant bickering between him and his sister at an annoyingly large decibel level is what I use as an example of a tourney setting where people normally yell. This may sound facetious to some people but it’s just what works for me.
What other people in this thread talk about is similar in essence. I don’t really have any motivation for practice if there is no competition, and evidently I quit a game if there isn’t any and nothing grows (ie. CFE in my area). I have been meaning to “practice” in Marvel to get some new techniques, but for the mean time I play casually at in a very lazy boring state where I mainly rely on my fundamentals and outreading the other guy to try and win. Although that doesn’t really cut it nowadays where one fuck up means the game. Interestingly enough broken controls does teach patience and innovation IMO b/c you either have to be delicate, or resort to other methods. But then again that’s just me.
btw, this may be a bit too off-topic so…

about an hour every weekday, many many hours on the weekends lol.

Training? not by myself anymore, only when people are over for casual matches so i can play against humans better.

Actually, let me elaborate.

The games that I play seriously(T5 for right now), I sit down and play other guys for several hours, but outside of that, if there’s no one there, I really don’t play. The only change to that is when I got the home version, but even then, there’s only one other person I’ve played to date, the rest is just raping the AI… That’s not even training, it creates more bad habits than most.

I don’t train. I just play.

Not enough because I suck hard.

Only thing i use for training is

  1. Execution, practicing it
  2. Figuring out the game more

On a weekly basis i play about 5 hours, usually on the friday late nights. It’s mainly all cvs2 right now.

just about everday for 30 minutes. It’s only 1 game tho, sometimes i’ll play 1 game of ESPN, but most of the time it’s 30 min of marvel and 30 min of tekken 5. busy schedule makes it hard to dedicate 1 hour to a game.

I’ll practice about 3 hours a day. sometimes not at all for a week. But mostly bout 3 hours a day. I try to practice everyday. I play mvc2 and pratice just for exectution. I need to learn better resets.

It depends. If it’s to practice a new B&B, I spend about… 2-3 hours on it until it’s perfected 100%. If it’s a new set-up, I will spend a few hours on finding multiple ways into it/ ways around it / problems with it.

Other then that, I can’t spend more then 10 minutes at it.

I hardly get to play with my friends anymore, so im usually stuck at home learning new combos and getting my execution better. But when I do get to play my friends we play for hours and hours. I would say for me 20+ hours a week. I got work also so somedays I dont even get to play.


When I had a PS2 (laser’s dead) I used to practice 2-3 hours a week, mostly JD and Parry in CvS2 and 3S. Unfortunately I get bored in MvC2 training so I still suck at that one.

I’m gonna try that 10thing in Tekken5 tonight (I cannot fathom how much I suck at 3D fighting games).

I actually started getting good at fighting games with SFEX, the mission mode is IMO the better learning aid for capcom games, as you get to know the moves and timing, which is surprisingly close to other capcom games. Too bad the game sucked.

That and get ahold of the GGXX & GGXX#R mission modes. You learn stupidly dirty stuff just to go through some of them (Mission 45 anyone?)

Tournament is my practice! If your talking about casual play and training mode havent practiced in over a year but still manage to get top 5! :karate:

I practice EVERYDAY IN MY GAMES IN SOME WAY OR FORM. Bc I wish tog o to D-town and get pwned up by all the good players there. I have a dream to become the best there is, and because of that I practice sometimes ALL DAY LONG, especially on the weekend, thats the majority of what I do. I dont go out much, I just stay in and play my games. Now before you label me as some nerdy guy that has pimples, I DO WORKOUT, and I am a teacher at a high school.