How much time you spent watching videos, and how do you watch it?

I’ve been downloading Preppy’s stuff, but I stopped because I simply can’t keep up with all that goodness. So I opened this thread to ask 2 questions:

How much time do you guys spent on watching fighting game videos? Has anybdoy watched the entire Preppy collection or something close to that?

And, more important, how do you watch them? I like to watch JWong vs Sanford videos more than once, sometimes in slow motion, trying to understand everything.
What I still don’t have is specific guidelines on what to look for. What I do is simply trying to note positioning and why the players choose the positions and angles they use on the fight.

Me…I tend to watch vids whenever I’m kind of bored, as something to do. I don’t so much analyse in detail, as much as absorb. Things just start clicking in my head the more match vids I watch. If I see something I’ve never seen before, I’ll watch it a few times to try to figure out what he’s doing, and why, so I can try to use it to my advantage.

i download in batches and watch them all at once when i have the time

I watch vids probably more extensively than 90% of people.
I am a true student of the game.**

I take notes, pause the vids and take note of EVERYTHING I did not know before, No I aint just talking combos, setups, but matchup based things, if it is ANYTHING I did not know, I open up my Word Document and then begin taking note of whatever I see. This is for match vids, combo vids etc. I do this for every match vid and I title my word document based on the day I watch the matches, determing what is old and what not. I even write a script on the players I watch, noticing tendencies and how they start and trying to figure out WHY they start out that way or WHY they do the things they do.

So If I m watching SieClayton and The Triad in NGBC I’m asking shit like "Why does he/they run throw, run cr.a, st.a/sweep mixup with Kim?

I then archive them all accordingly, print the match vids, practice them down to perfection until they are part of my vernacular, style and instincts. If I cannot understand why a person is doing something in a game or I do no recognize what they are doing that means I need to learn the game better thus I start composing my fighting game Bibles…100’s of pages of fighting game essential info like basics, tricks etc… Once I master it then its all about experience, testing it out, and then showing those that are dedicated as me how to stop it, use it themselves, and take it to the next level!!!

Making my formula for competitive success like this

1st- Make my Bibles, print them, read them, master them, try them all, highlight like a book student.
2nd-Take Match Vid Notes on every vid I see, print, highlight, and then start the process over.
3rd- Start looking for new info/match vids and start the whole process again.

Hope this helps. Why? Is this tedious? Absolutely but not only does it work for me but you gotta remember, if you watch/do shit like the average person, you WILL BE AVERAGE…

***Top players in any game etc go above and beyond average people…in everything…keep that in mind… Keep in mind…merely watching match vids for entertainment value or without taking notes etc ISNT ENOUGH…dont fool yourself into thinking you can just watch it once 3 times even then remember everything you saw…Write it down…

“Repitition is the key to success…”

-Dark Geese

Wow. I know plenty of people who get better by PLAYING, not watching videos. And even then… what the fuck? That’s creepy as shit. Games are fun, not worked.

Never helped me.

Even the slow paced tutorials vids.

My formula for success is this-

50% knowledge (Match vids, My “Bibles”, All that shit)
50% application (experience, PLAYING high level tournies, exposure)
1% luck.

So yes knowledge without application aint shit…it aint what you know but HOW YOU USE IT.

And even then do you think Top Players would just reveal to you what works? Some dont want to reveal it so they can keep that edge on you…I dont mind telling people what works for me…

But to each his or her own…if you want to be the best bad enough and enjoy what you are doing it won’t seem like work…

And besides…There is no substitute for hard work.

Or desire for that matter…they are directly related.

And look at it this way- How hard I work to a degree is a way to “Cheat the system”


People like me and jra64 live in areas where for our games (Me in SNK him in Tekken) we overall dominate the competition…so when there are few in your area that can match up to you AT ALL…how do you get better by playing if you are at home???

You dont…thus this is how I get better BY MYSELF with no one to play…and then Majors is where I put all the theories, booksmarts to work…and I find out a lot of my theories etc work.

Jra64 is the same way in Tekken I shit you not.

Not everyone lives in North Carolina to have maximum exposure for SNK nor do they live in NYC, Cali, Houston (Crow), Austin (3s) or other areas.

For some their scene is WEAK as hell… So how do you beat those odds??

If you want it bad enough you will make it happen…this is how I do it…

So let the others have their “unfair advantage” I dont care…youll see me doing battle with them though I dont have the same people to play with…and heaven forbid if I beat them…

I shouldnt in theory because they have a higher level of consistent play.

Wow… just… wow