How much to charge for Commissions?

I got alot of people wanting me to do difftrent types of drawings for diffrent stuff. I never had to charge anybody for my work and I don’t want to come off as a dick with crazy prices. So for those who have had commisions, what do u charge and for what type of art?

RANT WARNING!!! :wink:

This has always been a tough one for me. It all depends what you are drawing, how much time it takes you, what they’ll use it for and how much money your cilent has.

My last project which was the Safer Streets Project for the Dunedin City Council cost them all up $2400 For a package that included 5 designs which were used for Posters, flyers and advertising. 5 Pavement art pictures of those designs drawn over two days and the copyright. That was pretty cheap since the main organiser worked as an agent for me getting me contracts with Honda and ACC. I could have charged $400 for the copyright on each picture but I had to work within their budget and the hook ups were too good to pass up.

If your cilent is one guy that wants a tattoo design or a cool picture make it cheap. If it’s someone who wants a design for advertising charge them for the copyright and charge them alot.

I started off really cheap to get my foot in the door ($30 - $60 per picture) but now with cilents I charge as much as I think they have in their budget. If the cilent is a Massive company charge high because they’ll expect it. If it’s for a mates book, or something I try and work something out. For example I’ve got a guy making me a website in return for some artwork.

Anyways best of luck working with cilents. It can be a real pain in the ass, but also incrediably rewarding. Be careful when someone wants a cheap pic and says “It’ll be good exposure for your work”. If they don’t have much money to pay you for the main image in their advertising chances are it’s not going to go on a billboard in times square.

Best of Luck man! :tup:

Good advice Cap! I see there is alot to take into consideration, thanx