How much will octagonal gate help?

Hi everyone,

I’m a PC SFIV player who’s been using the keyboard and today I bought a Madcatz SE fightstick to try and improve my game.

The short of it is that I’m absolutely terrible with a joystick.

I usually play Cammy, and with the joystick, I find it really hard to pull of some of her moves, especially the Supers/Ultras (double fireball move) and the FADC.

How much will switching out to an octagonal gate help?

About me:
I’m a novice player. Using a keyboard I got to about G3-B level after maybe 3-4 hours of playing at championship. At “Hard” arcade level, I can usually get to Seth without dropping a match. I can almost always get Cammy to throw the Ultra/Super when I want it, but there are some moves that I can’t do, like the Hooligan combination. (Forget about a Guile Ultra or Zangief Spinning Piledriver) I picked up a fight stick so that maybe I could hit these moves too.

After an evening of fooling around with the SE fightstick, I’m finding I’m much much worse than with the keyboard. I almost always lose to every opponent in hard arcade mode and I hit my supers/ultras only maybe 10% of the time.

I’m thinking of either returning the fightstick, or modding it with an octagonal gate. I’m really hesitant to mod it, because after that, I can’t return it. ($70 is a fair amount of money to me.)

Should I:

  1. Return the joystick, I’m hopeless, go back to keyboard
  2. Stick it out a bit longer with the square gate see how it goes
  3. Just upgrade to octagonal gate because that will probably fix everything

I’ve also tried using an xbox 360 controller, but it was completely hopeless.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Also, while I’m here, how reliable are these SE fightsticks? At the store, both of the SE controllers they had out on display were broken. Should I just return it now before my 30 days are up?

Just stick with the joystick. Go ahead and switch to octagonal. You might be more comfortable with it but it will not fix anything. Practice, practice, practice your executions and try out different ways to grip the joystick. You’ll get the hang of it eventually.

[media=youtube]PsME37GrqjY[/media] (Ultimate Japanese Balltop Joystick Holding Guide)

Thanks for the input. I found that video earlier actually :slight_smile:

There’s two holds that seem to be more comfortable for me - the Daigo grip, which is like the wineglass except the joystick goes between the ring and pinky finger, and this hold that looks a bit like a loose “grip of doom”. I’m only using the thumb and the first two fingers, and it’s a loose grip. Most of the other grips in the video I have a lot of trouble making fast enough to do the dash both ways.

stick to it man, dont get the octagonal, i was in the same position, in the beginning,you get use to it ey.

I’m an old school Happ stick player that got a TE and after 3 days of play, my shoto skills are on par with my skills on the Happ, and my charge character play just leveled up. I say stick it out. Practice in training mode to get your execution down.

i say stick it out on the square gate. the SE might not last long and i’d recommend swapping in sanwa/seimitsu/ or happ parts and a new stick.

shouldn’t cost you too much, and you’ll be set for the rest of your sticks life. :smiley:

I think an octagonal gate is more intuitive and easier to pick up initially, but you will get used to the square gate eventually.

After playing /w a square gate for a week, I got pretty comfortable playing with it. However, I still prefer an octagonal gate as I’ve been playing with round gates my entire life. Once you play both enough to be comfortable with either, keep in mind that it’s just preference that comes into play and what you’re used to in the past.

I say give both a try and see what you like best. An octagonal gate is a fairly cheap part to buy.

Just stick with the square, im not sure about sf iv but it should be the same, but in blazblue in a week of playing couple hours a day with ragna i can pull off all his main and specials facing both ways(not the crazy combos yet… ) :slight_smile:

im sure arcades use square too

The official BlazBlue Cabinet does indeed use Square Restrictor Gate.
BlazBlue is on the Taito Vewlix-L.

Same with Street Fighter IV.
It is on Taito Vewlix-F.

And jdm714 knows, hes the yoda of fighters :slight_smile:

tried the octagonal for a few days, went back to square and will be staying here

The thing is I feel that none of you guys who are switching from pad or keyboard or whatever to a square gate put enough time into it. It honestly seems like you guys automatically think that overnight you are going to be on the same level that you once were with your previous controller but that is not usually the case.

There is a learning curve switching to joysticks, even if its a happ. Just keep practicing and you’ll get used to the movements, the timing etc. In most cases, the adjustment usually isn’t overnight and sometimes it can take a few weeks.

A few thoughts: Don’t feel discouraged if you’re not doing awesome with the stick. I was a hardcore pad player until about 6 months ago, and I’ll never go back to pads for anything but casuals.

The learning curve is about a month for fundamentals. Go hit up training mode and challenge yourself: Do 10 Spiral Arrows in a row. If you mess up even once, go do it again. I did this with Ryu (using hadokens/SRKs/etc, obviously) until I felt pretty comfortable with my muscle memory.

Supers/Ultras: The trick here is, don’t rush it. Just make sure the movements are correct; turn on input display if that helps. You’ll get it down in no time.

As for the octo-gate, I say get one, just in case you do like it better… I got one, but to be honest I’ll probably sell it. I just didn’t like it as much as the square gate, and this surprised me a lot. But hey, some people love Octos, so don’t let me discourage you!

And I echo others here: Get yourself some Sanwa buttons and a JLF joystick in that mess ASAP :lol: It will make a world of difference, trust me.

Stick with Square gate, that’s more “official”, I think.
Today is my second day playing with an arcade stick, I still can’t 2xHC properly (super/ultra), but I have mastered the special moves though.

I can 2xHCF to the left much better than to the right, I think it has to do with my grip.
Sorry to ask this in your thread, which do youall prefer?
The stick between your ring and pinky (Daigo), or wineglass; stick between middle and ring (palms facing above or down)?

A lot of people seem to emphasize practice doing special moves with the stick which is fine and dandy, but you should also practice properly reacting with your normal moves as well. For instance with cammy try practicing your tick throws on a joystick as well .vs the cpu, your standing anti airs and pokes.

Or you could just send it to me :smiley:

But seriously, thanks everyone who wrote back. You’ve convinced me to give the square gate more time to grow on me.

After another night of goofing around, I’m probably about 50% as good with a stick now as I am with a keyboard. I’m getting better with the ultras & supers, but I can rarely hit the canon strikes.

I turned on the input display, and I found out that a lot of the time when I’m going for left or right in a dragon punch or double fireball move, I actually hit a diagonal. I wonder if an octagonal gate will help with that. It’s really disconcerting not being able to “feel” left or right.

Oh, I forgot to ask - I notice that I really have to hit the buttons pretty hard to get them to register consistently. Just a “tap” won’t do it. Is that normal? Will that go away if I upgrade to Sanwa buttons?

Yeah, Sanwa buttons are pretty damn sensitive and require very little force to activate.

As for the gate question, I actually go between both depending on the stick and game. My current preferred stick is a Seimitsu LS-56 with a Seimitsu octagonal gate. It’s a very tight stick and an octogate goes well with it (not to mention it makes my QCF-HCB motions on Blazblue a lot easier). But on my Sanwa JLF sticks (and for SF4), I prefer square. Sanwa octogates actually increase the throw on the stick and make it feel even more loose than the JLF does already, which I don’t personally like.

Octogon plate IMO. It just feels better.

I tried the square cause it came with the SE stick and to be honest it wasn’t good to me. I spent hours training and still couldn’t pull of moves and combos like the xbox controller but I just got my sanwa JFL 8YT-SK stick with a octo gate and swap it out went to my friends house(MY xbox got the RROD) and try it and in 7 mins I was pulling all the moves and combos with the octo gate with ease.