How much worse can this generation get?


Up to now, I’ve realized that a part of this generation are formed of moronic teenagers who consider themselves to be experts on romance while their relationships only lasted for a month’s span because of their unrealistic standards while their vocabularies consist of l33k speak and emoticons. If anything, they’re practically incapable of holding a conversation with another human being unless there’s a keyboard in front of them. Other than past incidents concerning the youth and crime, I don’t have much to say.



Seriously, what is this bullshit? Are you really that insecure to the point of entering depression over not receiving a quick text reply? This is why young love is meaningless. All it is just two attention-seeking teenagers acting on their hormones.


That bitch got some hellafied birthmarks.


Maybe it was already bad.


I can’t believe her mother even let her out of the house like that, but I doubt parents even care anymore.


That’s not the new generation, that’s anyone with a cell phone. The only thing we can blame the new generation for is having given into the “new” ideas they were presented as children.


It’s a cycle its just means its time to bring back that old tried and true blame the parents hold them fuckers accountable theres no way that all this shit is getting this out of hand and you cant point the finger at the parents.


Wait until it gets worse. These guys will be breeding. Count on it.


Literally everyone ever was a stupid teenager once, it’s just now you retards can share it with the world with image macros.


so youre ready to throw up your hands and give up on the world because of two meme pics?

great thread op


This isn’t really new


I just wish they didn’t post shit like this all over my news feed. It’s rather depressing if you ask me.


It’s 2012.
Why would a parent let a kid out with a Snapback?

It’s only going to get worse.
Kids are stupid.
They go to school.
School is filled with hundreds of stupid kids.
Think about it.

It’s just a trend. When they look back when they’re older they’ll say how stupid they fucking looked.


Not much worse than your grammar I’d suppose.


I wouldn’t say give up on the world, but I’ve seen a lot more of these, however I wouldn’t really blame it on the meme. It’s the fact that they’re so love-starved it’s pathetic. Someone give them a hug or something.

Shit. Thanks for pointing out that typo.


love-starved? wtf? nice judgement call there

I see some funny pics is all


y’all niggas act like this shit started yesterday.:rofl:


I honestly blame America.

Stupid god damn hipster snapback hot topic American Apparel bullshit is infecting every country around the world. Then you have shit like 4Chan and Tumblr polluting the internet and you genuinely have complete global saturation.

And not the good kind.


Check out You’ll see.


Blame society.


As a someone born twenty years ago, I take offence to your preconceptions. As if everyone born in your generation, or any generation for that matter, didn’t have ridiculous or retarded fads that they followed, if they weren’t flat out stupid themselves. Every generation has depressed-shits that get upset over, literally, no reason. There are wastes-of-air that don’t belong existing because of their sheer stupidity in every age group. I know some pretty idiotic-fad following teens, but I know a fair number of older people of questionable intellect. And the teens will grow out of their fads.