How much would people pay for a granite arcade stick?

How much would people pay for an entirely granite(aside from buttons/stick) arcade stick.

I am a noob with woodworking so I am asking a worker at my girlfriends shop to make me a granite arcade stick case. I am going to put the buttons and joystick myself. I will ask him to make me an undermount stick mount.

So essentially how much would you pay for a granite arcade stick. This mofo going to be heavy and probably expensive.

I am not sure if I am going to do this, but its the only case I can think of since I don’t want to wait 6+ weeks.

That’s going to be hella heavy. Post pics if you get it done. At least you’ll be gamin’ with class if you play on glass :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it would look sweet as hell, but i play with my stick in my lap, and to say that might get uncomfortable would be an understatement.

Just have one of the custom builders on here make you an empty case.

Yeah, the heavier the stick is, the less comfortable it will be to use. Would probably look pretty though.

I would get them to make me a custom case, but I am hearing six week turn around times.

Perhaps more with canadian shipping.

I really wanted a finkle case but he not available.

This would not be a lap case, but would go on the coffee table or floor.

Since I haven’t asked the price yet, I am asking you guys, how much would you guys pay for the case?

I’d probably avoid it. Could get pretty cold and end up being uncomfortable to play on, not to mention it could chip, weigh a ton, etc. I don’t think it’d look any better than a wooden one either.

depends on how they make it, a granite case on a table wouldn’t move around as much as well


i know there is a thread for custom stick builders, but is there one for empty boxes? I looked though some peoples thread in the custom stick thread and most of them were saying things like “due to demand, im currently not accepting orders” or something.

im certainly in need of someone who might could do some woodworkin for me.

I personally would never want a granite stick. I play with the stick on my lap and a granite stick would probably be REALLY uncomfortable for many reasons: weight, chill factor, sharp edges, cracking, etc. If you’re more of a tabletop person, this could be a viable option. The other issue I see is that a granite stick would probably be much more expensive and definitely not cost effective. I understand you seem desperate and this seems like the only viable option, but it really isn’t.

My question to you is are you simply looking for a custom stick or any stick? Given your situation (if you’re just looking for a stick) it may just be cheaper and faster to get a stick off eBay. But if you just want a custom stick, completely disregard this.

Props on thinking outside the box. I just can’t see it being done without people thinking it’s a countertop with arcade parts sticking out if it.

I wouldn’t know how much you would pay someone for a granite case, but I wish I had one, my sticks get beat up…granite sounds like it would last for a while.

It depends on how much granite you want to use. I had the same idea for a granite arcade stick, I just don’t have the resources to cut or drill yet. (The home depot near my house does not have wet saw tools for rental yet.)

You can buy a piece of granite or marble tile from the flooring department for about $6 USD that comes in varying sizes. The piece I looked at was 12in x 12in. I want to say it was a little less than half an inch thick. Cutting that to fit inside of a wooden control box wouldn’t exactly be a chore- and using a thin piece like that wouldn’t be a huge weight issue either. It would still be heavier than a lexan or acrylic top, but not to the point that it would be terribly uncomfortable to use. Two problems I can see with that as it stands is that it would be top heavy no matter what- since we want to keep weight in check. Second, drilling and cutting granite requires special tools and a little more patience. You would need material to mount pretty much everything but the buttons on the inside.