How much would you pay to see an all-star Topanga-style UMvC3 tournament?

For those of you not in-the-know about what that Japanese Topanga stream has been doing for the past month or so, they invited twelve Japanese legends to compete in a Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - Ver. 2012 tournament, the first half of which would be a round robin played online, and the second half of which would be offline, played under the stepladder format, in which the lowest ranking players have to battle their way up to the top, defeating the next highest ranking player in two out of three FT6 sets (with deuce rules) to win the top prize of about $7200. What this means is that those of us who paid to view the stream were offered tons and tons and tons of matches featuring the best of the best doing their thing in tournament play, and it was pretty awesome.

My question is (and those of you who loathe stream monstering and those who do it, which I can respect, can feel free to not contribute), how interested would you be in seeing an American version of this kind of thing with top UMvC3 players from around the country? I’m talking about players like Filipino Champ, Justin Wong, Combofiend, Chris G, PR Rog, Viscant, Yipes, MarlinPie, Noel Brown, Floe, Masta CJ, and Fanatiq. Pretend that the logistics of making this work were not a problem, and you could see tons and tons and tons of matches from these top players from around the country in a tournament setting. Would that not also be pretty awesome?

Would you pay to see it? How much?

nahh… i’ll just watch the youtube vids they upload. and go to the free events. :expressionless:

i would pay… nothing