How necessary is to negative edge for Fierce Feint Fierce?


I play on a stick and it seems I could just as easily input it the long way and I get FFF somewhat regularly for not having practiced it much.

Also wouldn’t you have to random the sMP to be able to buffer it? Seems like it would put you at risk.


I’ve been trying to learn viper recently. Personally I think FFF is easier by not negative edging, as I can get a rhythm going with my button presses. I think the general consensus is negative edge is the easier method for most people, but do whatever is more comfortable for you.


Most C. Viper players use negative edge cause as long as you get the rhythm for that instead, its easier. I used to think the regular way was easier and more natural especially cause of the " ta tata ta" timing, but it just puts you out more risk in the long run. Basically what i’m saying is… the non negative edge is easier at first cause its just like playing the game normally, cause lets get real, who actually uses negative edge? Most players don’t and are used to playing the same way they play other fighting games, without it. Negative edge is a tad harder to master but it’s one of things where once you FINALLY get it down 95% of the time, you will see how easy it is, and never drop it. Lol
Remember to be doing hard TK cancels, because they start up the fastest and give you more frame advantage after the first fierce cancel, thus making FFF an easier link for the second fierce.


Definitely do not learn negative edge if you’re already comfortable doing the hp.TK manually. The only point in doing negative edge at all is if it makes it easier for you, even then you’ll need to input the hp.TK for all other feints anyways. It has no advantages and only serves to make it more difficult for you to get used to feinting other normals.

I don’t really understand your second question. I’m guessing you feint with medium TK? If so there’s even less reason to negative edge, you’re already pressing an extra button. The game doesn’t care if you input it from a button press or a button release, so again it has no advantage. And getting used to feinting with hp.TK is definitely worth it, +2 frame advantage is significant!


This whole time I thought you use mp TK, using hp TK changes everything as it seems very simple that way.

Other than the obvious jump in when do you use FFF in her footsies? I am really bad with Viper footsies. I mostly c.MK to TK and switch in a throw to mix it up. This doesn’t work on decent players.


FFF is a good punish after a baited dp etc.
theres a hell of a lot more things you can do from TK feint:
Sjc cross up bk
Sjc non cross up bk
Cr. Mk xx Tk feint again
Walk up Tick throw
Cr. Mk xx mp tk
Ex seismo
Seismo feint -> ex seismo
Seismo feint -> sjc bk
Overhead ( use sparingly, if overused it will land the opponent and easy lvl 2 focus.)
Dash up tick throw
Dash up bk
Dash up insta crossup bk etc.

These are from this guide it’s a great thread


Are her TK burn kicks worth anything? Mine always just make the burn kick misdirect.