How not to act over fighting games

Anybody see these dudes?

Part 1: [media=youtube]Xxn2vd5fESg"[/media]

Part 2: [media=youtube]UFdPJJF7Xj4&feature=related"[/media]

I wasn’t allowed to voice my opinion on what I thought of them due to the fact that some of the comments were rather crude. Just watch the vids and it will show you that this is no way to act over a fighting game.

bad links

Links fixed

Game’s dead, so you probably won’t have to worry about those guys (at least for now)

Leave it to marvel…

check this one out:


its our good friend vVv_JohnnyCage aka MORPHAZE (if you’ve forgotten who he is, look at this)

Joker I saw your other post about these guys before it got deleted. It’s a shame it was deleted cause it was pretty funny, and 100% true.


Just…wow. All that over a video game.

The links in the description of that Youtube video were even more disturbing (though the ownage that happened in the thread was pretty awesome)

I don’t think DP and his friends talking shit is anything new to the community. Lol at wearing masks and acting hard though. This is Marvel; you’re not in a turf war. Shit reminds me of those two Souljah Boy robbers.

Yeah it’s kind of ridiculous, guess I’m gonna have to start holdin chrome when I go to street fighter tourneys, you can never tell how safe it will be these days.

If ANY you want to see the original post I’ll PM you it since it was deleted.

I think I saw this loud fucker at denjin maybe? Whats with the masks? Got some nasty teeth to hide?

I saw the original post few days back (before it was deleted). You had your points, and I personally found it funny but I guess the direct insults did break the rules.

I really don’t understand how people could brag so much over games. I mean, I’ve never left any notable accomplishments with any of the games I’ve competed in over the years. But even if I did, they’re just video games.

People gotta know where to draw the line and get their life values/priorities straight.

its supposed to be funny i think

Yeah Orka you hoped on that post quick, I thank you for the rep as well good looks on that. I realized it was deleted because I attacked a group of people after looking back over the forum rules. If you look at the forum rules it says you can’t make a THREAD attackinga group of people, I wondered if I could just POST what I wrote somewhere else and it would get through. I soon realized it was cowardice to submit what I wrote through a loophole and decided it was better for the community to sound off on the subject and change how I presented the material. So basically I just saved the post just in case anybody wanted to read a hilarious PM and have a few laughs for the rest of their day.

I don’t think it’s suppose to be funny, they are taking shots at various people. And this was originally aired on AlphaISM radio to which they responded on some of the comments. SO U BETTER COME STRAPPED SON BBBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAATTTTTTTT! lolol

/Needs more games.

Fighting games always seem to bring the worst out of people. People need to learn how to lose.

This is shit…is pretty gay.

DP’s antics on AlphaISM radio happened long before this video interview, which was admitted to be a joke in the thread that it was originally posted in.

Anyway that’s just Marvel for ya…

to say the least I lol’d… I don’t understand how you can get so worked up over a video game seriously. To just talk shit about someone you don’t even know too well because he beat you in a game is beyond me.

@Tim: that vid was hilarious.

@Proto: you mean Marvel brings out the worst in people 0.o