How Not to be a Scrub at PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

I made this video because this game doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

I already tried to submit it to the frontpage, but I figured y’all might enjoy some of it and if you’ve got friends like mine who have just taken a glance at the game and written it off, you can show them this.

cheers :3

Good video. Too bad I am so drawn to input whore Dante. So not my playstyle but I can’t get away from him.

Agreed,only reason this game got bad ratings is because half of the people don’t know how to play,or they complain to much about Kratos/Raiden/etc. On Giantbomb forums I mean I love those forums,but they gave it 3/5 rating,they said it didn’t deserve “All-Star” title,but I doubt they played the game to its full potiential,same for IGN,they made an “official tier” list which is completely false,I swear,seems like most people who rate this game don’t even know how to play it. This game definitely needs a lot of recognition. Only way I would see this game getting bad ratings is if you have no friends to play with.

exactly. I’ve tried to get the video featured on the front page here, eventhubs and kotaku just to increase some exposure amongst casuals especially. but also FGC members who haven’t really played it.

(if y’all would like to increase its exposure, feel free to spread it/submit a tip to it as well)


so yeah if some of you all could submit it to shoryuken/eventhubs as a tip as well, it’d be greatly appreciated. I think this game especially needs more frontpage exposure because all that really gets put up for all stars is combo videos. people still don’t really understand the fundamentals and such.

So putting out tips for this and showcasing vids with spacing would be good correct?

How do we submit tips on srk?

I think so. I keep meaning to record more matches but I’ve been really busy lately :\

to submit a tip, it’s just on the front page at the top on the right of all of the menus. for eventhubs, it’s in basically the same spot only it’s called submit news instead.

Don’t worry, everyone gets busy, same here on this front. And I just conquered that nasty flu that was going around. Back to good health and making vids :slight_smile:

I’ll submit a tip for your video!

Game is good, but not great. What it really desperately needs is more ways to strip meter from opponents.

Its really dumb that you keep meter when you die, allowing someone to just save up till lvl3, and kill everyone twice. And win.

If you die, you should lose a bar. Simple as that.

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are you talking about in ffa? in 1v1 and 2v2, it’s not that hard to throw the opponent. you really don’t see too many level 3s getting thrown around. well, except for certain characters. but a lot of them it’s better to go for a different super.

This is correct, but then again its not. If they are beating your ass to the point where they get lvl 3 it’s kind of your fault.

I was running some 2v2 ranked with a friend and when someone almost had lvl 3 we just ran away and avoided all damage and they ended up never getting there.

I personally want grabs to take away more AP, i hate grabbing someone only to gain the AP back in 2 hits.

Yo’re the dude from PSL chat right? On the other hand,I agree with you in a way,it is quite easy to gain back,mainly for Kratos and such,but I don’t think the problem is the amount of AP it takes away,but the amount of AP we gain maybe? In my opinion,matches on PSASBR at max takes 15 minutes,while SMB and I’m completely aware they’re different games,but SMB would usually take a longer amount of time based on my experience,but you have more varieties of options to place to hide and run in such,including you had to get your health to 300% to be a near-death situation and such,which usually took awhile to do,and getting supers were actually kind of a challenge to get including one person could get it out of 2/3/4. I think lowering the AP rate will take the game to a harder new challenge,especially when characters like Dante will stop doing those annoying attack,cancel,attack loop,they won’t get so lucky on 1v1 and such.

Also went completely off-topic on the SMB part :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be alright if throws took away more AP, but if you look at the little AP loss ratios for everyone, (at least for when I’ve played) you’ll see that the most annoying potential level 3 users have pretty high ratios. also, does anyone know if there’s some trick to getting stuff on the front page? I can’t see how a combo video would take precedence over the vid I made in terms of exposing this game.

I’m not saying what I made is amazing or whatever, I just really want the game to succeed and so far the vast majority of SRK doesn’t know shit about it. I feel like I’m one of those youtube dudes begging for views, but if you found it entertaining/interesting/relevant, please submit it as a tip on the front page. I feel like a dick asking but yeah there it is.

btw Heavyjugz, we gotta get some games in sometime. I was disappointed I couldn’t get into that pastaleague thing or whatever. Although my stick is currently less than great: about half of my buttons are randomly not working from time to time D:

Onimochi, I can’t remember the last time I had a game that went 15 minutes. that sounds nuts. in 1v1, the longest match against competent people I’ve played lasted around 6 minutes tops. I think this is a game where long matches CAN happen if the players aren’t very good and thus people get jaded against it and its speed.

Can’t get into Pasta League? I’m a member for Pasta League,and I’m 100% positively sure,you don’t have to professional to join the league,trust me,we accept everyone,whether they suck or not,and a nice group of people to. Whoever told you couldn’t join,probably got a concussion or something

Are you playing with items off? Because that’s what they’re for. lol

Items are so annoying,this guy continuously got AB absorb and freaking RPGs,and my teammate DCed,so when I almost soloed them (both 1 stock left),and close to level 3,they kept AP absorbing.

if your getting killed a lot your getting hit a lot and there fore not gaining AP not only that but bars are all different length. Kratos for example has a lvl 2 that costs 400 AP while level 1’s all across the board pretty much cost 150. So if you kill him with a level 1 while he has a lvl 2 stocked you should effectively gain and advantage of 250 meter? Nah lol.

Not only that but basically you give too much advantage to whoever lands supers. Regardless of the meta value of meter in the mental aspect, the only thing this game scores you on is kills and deaths. If you kill someone you don’t just get a kill you give them a death. If you and the same player end up with the same amount of kills at the end of the game you gave them a death that affects their score if they have more deaths, and then you win. If they got more kills its because you allowed them to gain the AP, not only that you FAILED to gain the AP necessary to kill more than the other player, that’s YOUR fault not the games.

Most level 3’s do not allow 2 kills per player. Nariko’s yeah I’d agree, she easily has the longest timer on her level 3 in the game at lest twice the length of the average. Drakes and Kratos’s can get up there depending on the stage you can get around 4 or 5 kills . There’s a whole boatload of supers that ONLY allow for 3 kills MAX (2 in a 2v2). Toro, Heihachi, Parappa,and Spike. the timers on a lot of level 3’s are really short for how slow they move and pretty much only allow for 3 kills, Good Cole, Raiden, and Ratchet come to mind. Fat princesses is pretty useless, as its just a bunch of projectiles that you don’t even have to time an air dodge against. Level 3’s and the high risk involved in trying to stock one really isn’t worth it when with the 600-750 AP it takes to build one, you can land 6-7 level 1’s and score 7 points as opposed to just 3-4 points.

That’s their purpose though. Idk how many times since the game’s launched that I’ve heard people complain about a lack of ways besides throws to knock off your opponent’s AP when they aren’t even using the one set of tools that are actually designed to do that. Even still items aren’t exactly a free win if you’re still out playing your opponent.

I suppose im thinking more of a tournament setting, where you would be playing stock and not time. Free for all online, really doesn’t mean anything as far as balance goes, simply because, well who cares?

in a 1v1 setting, 1 kill should remove a bar. also, our super should be drained to its fullest extent. if you dont have 2 full meter, say you have 1.9 meters and you pop a level 1, you should be set back to 0. all or nothing.