How not to jump?

I’ve been playing E. Honda for a while now, and I have a horrific habit with Honda.
I jump in too much, and this carries onto other characters.
Can anyone help me break this habit?

Walk. :tup:

No need to jump in when you can neutral jump and move forward with j.fierce.

Just be patience.

A lot of people will just simply say “don’t jump” which isn’t very good advice. You need to learn why people jump with Honda, and how to earn those opportunities yourself. If you’re jumping just cause you really want to close the gap and hit someone, you’re jumping at the wrong time!

It’s just a conscious thing that you need to keep in mind as you play a match. Force yourself to never jump during a match. Even if you lose, you’ll begin to understand the importance of playing a good ground game, while learning how to develop an offensive presence during a match.

Many new Honda players tend to get jumpy versus characters with a fireball. A few old school tricks to use as a Honda player, would be to simply neutral jump over fireballs. This way you don’t lose your spacing, and you effectively disable the fireball for a few milliseconds, since no player can have more than one fireball on the screen at a time. If you do a neutral jump fierce, you’re also able to slightly steer Honda in the air, in case you mis-timed your jump and you might land on the fireball. Also keep in mind that simply walking up and blocking a fireball is a good option, since you can still maintain decent spacing, while tricking your opponent into believing that he can spam fireballs at will. This allows you to get a feel for when it’s a good time to jump, and land some big damage.

The general old school Honda strat is to eat damage while trying to get in. Taking a fireball or 3 while you’re walking in on someone doesn’t nearly equate to the type of damage you dish out. Honda big claim to fame in almost any game he’s in is his ability to trade. Honda really wants to get in and trade all day with you. Honda is a tank and is hardly easy to kill. Get use to the spacing on your jumps, and make the zoner have to guess their anti-airs. Keep in mind this is basically something you can only do at a certain range. Smarter zoners are going to do a lot to keep you out of that range though. But if someone is just chucking fireballs mindlessly, you can walk up and gain space, eat the odd fireball or 3, and then get in and start trading. Possibly footsy your way into a HHH combo which hurts.

If youre new you might feel defeated if you take any kind of damage

As Honda its necessary to take damage because you’re just investing in doing bi damage later on

Consider this:

if you’re playing against ryu And he’s doing damage to you with just fireballs
He’s going To keep doing it to you because it’s been working so far. There’s your chance to do big damage by taking advantage
Of knowing what’s going to happen next

Thanks for the responses guys, I’ve improved quite a bit because of your contributions.

For the record: I have over 7000 BP with Honda, and no that doesn’t mean i’m good, but I think it’s a good amount of experience with this character.

lol thats a lot of ranked.

Probably also why you like to jump in a lot.

Actually, the reason why I jumped in alot was b/c I used to play Gen and I LOVED to dive kick (and jump) and Gen doesn’t have extremely bad issues with jumping. Then when I switched to Honda, it just carried on. If I played Vanilla, or Super Honda, i’d prob jump WAY less.

And I’ll take that first comment as a compliment. :wink:

I had the same problem with jumping in a lot back in vanilla but what i did was practice my spacing with every character (EVERY) and limit the times you jump in per match. Now im extremely good with spacing

oh and neutral jump helps throw off your opponent

lol my bad

lol just randomly looked @ this thread while watching the SCR stream…good match against marn!!!

Thanks man :slight_smile:
Means a lot bc i’m trying to rise up in the community.

“Don’t jump” is terrible advice. You just have to learn when to do it and make your opponent realize you’re willing to make the read every now and then. Too many bad players trying to get everyone to play with their feet permanently planted on the ground because that’s all they’re capable of themselves. I know SF4 certainly encourages this kind of play, but don’t fall into that trap, it’s as much a bad habit to never jump as it is to jump in all the time without any thought involved.

Watch any good match and you’ll see lots of jumping. The difference is that it’s all very deliberate.

most likely if you grew up playing fighting games like mortal kombat jumping comes 2nd nature(well for me anyways.) the reason why you jump alot most likely is because you have mobility issues. meaning that you probaly want to close the gap as fast as possible to get to your target. try looking into safer ways to get to point A to to point B. like fake your opponent out with a lp headbutt. mix it up by the time you learn how to get around the screen safely you wont depend so much on jumping. with a bit of patience you can get anywhere.

I dunno why everyone shits on ranked…I’ve noticed once you get to around 2500PP or so the people you face don’t play like idiots. I play against a LOT of strong players in ranked.

Oh snap! It’s Kill! You do have a cool name!

Dude, you did great against Marn…I learned my lesson by playing people who constantly punished jumping. From there I learned to OS, and safe jump…it will catch on soon. Also, focusing is a good way to get in close.

Thanks for the responses so far guys!

Thanks man :slight_smile: However it seems like safejumps can only be performed on untech knockdowns, and Honda’s sweep isn’t to good, and his command throw isn’t considered long enough for safejumps, I guess i’ll be doing some more research in the Honda forums.

Sounds about right. LOL.