How often do you normal throw?



i like honda’s frametraps quite a bit but no one really tries to honda that much because of ochio. both his throws have nice setups so i was thinking of trying to use them more to get more mileage out of frame traps maybe? then again there’s a reason ochio is feared like it is, and you have to use it. iono what do you all think about using regular throws here and there?


I haven’t tested it too much on other characters but on sometimes vs Balrog I headbutt and then do normal throw. I think ochio is better but its just easier to normal throw. What I mean here is headbutt gets blocked and when they try to punish with one of balrog’s dash punches you can grab him out of it. I think EX has fast enough recovery and for everything else if Balrog isn’t perfect on his timing for punishing the blocked headbutt you can get a grab in. Otherwise I only use normal throw when I’m trying to tech a throw and the other person didn’t throw or if they are dizzy and almost dead.


His normal throw is safe against neutral jumps, front throw sets up a hard knockdown for mix-up potential, both front and back throws have a safe jump setup, throws are quicker to execute, and it’s easier to walk-up throw when your opponent has been trained to just block.