How often do you play?

Just curious, I want to get a consensus on how much the average player is playing everyday. So well, how often do you play everyday?

I get in about 2 hours a day on average.

I try and play at least an hour to four hours daily. My plan is to head to Evo next year and I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting anyone’s time there.

Played for hours and hours a day during the genesis of cps3 emulation. Used ggpo/kaillera/2df to play Alpha 3 globally and learned so much from all the great players out there (kyokuji, alioune, middlekick, v-ryu, etc.)

Playing ssf4 on PSN - it’s tough to find people worth playing so I’ll only log on maybe twice a week. For some reason it feels like such a hassle to turn the ps3 on. I’m always sitting at my computer so whenever i had the urge to play, I was a double-click away from great competition - not anymoore.

I usually play 2-3 hours per day

2-3 hours a week

About 3 hours a week. But now with winter coming and baseball and golf season coming to an end I can see that jumping to 30 hours a week.

bout… 5 hours a week… if that… prob. less

Depends, at times I find the game frustrating or difficult, then it can drop to zero, when it was at it’s most fun, I think five-six-more hours a day :razzy:

Right now I’m working on a 3D tribute for Chun-Li, so that has changed it, I’d rathed do that

I also felt Super was somehow worse than IV, because the new stages were sort of overcrowded and too crazy and the new characters seemed to be more crazy compared to the normal ones, only Vega and Gen (rarely played in IV, unlockable I think) had the across the screen air-jump shennanigans, now there’s Juri, Adon, Guy, it just felt like they added some crazy stuff really, also, and no disrespect, both Guy and Makoto seem a bit “gay”, and though it’s fine by me that ‘they’ do whatever in private I don’t really want to have to look at it, and concentrate :wtf::wasted: that’s something my freedom allows me to choose, in the privacy of my own home, and somehow that just made it less fun and more well frankly weird.

Also, the new costumes in Super were weird mostly. My playing the game took a dive with Super, it was just less attractive somehow, less enjoyable and more ‘violent’, with knives and throwing knives, criminals, pissed-of lesbians (Makoto) etc just more maladjusted.

Hopefully now Ono is back in charge we will see some real fan love, not just some half-hearted patch (I mean Super) that made many things worse and removed good stuff for no reason. Who decided to remove the time trials etc for no reason? That was just dumb, it was a good value and discarded for no reason that is worth thinking about I would do those when I got tired of playing online Super just killed the innocence of IV

Now I go from 1-2 hours a day I think, when I play, trying to find new ways to get Double Perfects or hopefully one day, one of the fabled and legendary Triple Perfects :razzy:


I play for about an hour a day. It might be more when I try to get involved in the local scene more. Right now I’m… too shy to do so. :confused:

1-2 hours a day on average if you count that some days I dont play and others I play about 4-5.

About 5-10 hours a week

1-2 hours a day, weekends ill play a little more

1-2hours a day

some days all day, its like meth.


like 6-8 hours on saturdays

rest of the week maybe an hour a day on average

On average only a few hours a week. Once I finish my stick I plan to make it at least an hour a day.

2 hours a day on the days I don’t have many classes (Wed, Thurs, Fri).

I literally have not played the game in a month. I don’t have a stick at the moment . . .