How often do you select your main character in Player Match?

Seems like a slow day for new SFIV threads (I know), but this has been on my mind for awhile. It appears a good majority of players (most likely players who tend to play this exclusively online) feel that Player Match is inappropriate to flex your main. In their eyes, you should either be picking characters you never pick or opt for random select.

My question is, among those of you still actively playing – how often do you utilize your main? Do you usually start out with someone else (either to sandbag or practice), or just go right in with the bidness character?

I always pick my main for the 1st fight to show my skill and I stick with him unless im a lot better than him.

If I lose against somebody who I think is shitty, I’ll break out the main. Usually, I’ll always play my secondary.

I’ll create a new account for blanka, i want to keep my record with Guile pure

Rarely play my main in player matches. For me, player matches is the time to mess around with alternate characters. If I’m playing serious then I’d be in championship mode.

I choose my main to get some reps in, if he kicks my ass, I’ll stick with my main, if hes horrible, I switch to my alt

I pick my main first. Win or lose, if he/she picks the same character in round 2, I’ll pick my main again. If he/she switches, I’ll switch.

I’m usually playing with my main/secondary (akuma/rufus).
Sometimes I’ll pick the occasional sagat/ryu/dhalsim though.

I use my main first and see how well I do against the person I am playing. If the opponent is good, and they stick with their main during the next match, I’ll stick with mine as well. That way I get practice with that particular match-up. Player matches are a great way to get some practice for your main character.

If the person switches characters, so will I. In addition, if my opponent is still a beginner, I’ll switch characters. Basically, whether I use my main or not is decided case by case.

i always play with my main (seth) or my secondary (ryu). lately its been a lot of ryu since i’m trying to get good with him.

Hard to tell… often I don’t care but I could check and get my feelings hurt at my win/loss percentage in player rank.

I play my new main C. Viper which I have been using for like 2 weeks until I get pissed off from losing. Shes such a frustrating character to eat a couple of hits with, but she’s just too fun to play with. Then I just pick Balrog when I want to win and Ryu, Akuma, or Chun for a couple games just for fun.

I do not play player matches because I cannot force myself into playing hard because the match has no meaning.

I pick my main but play only to try out different combos and what nots. Basically I choose my main but dont play with her(chun) at my fullest potential

Well it can be argued that ranked and championship matches have no meaning whatsoever either. :rolleyes:

Most times I go with my main, but sometimes if I feel like picking up a new character and learn a bit, I’ll stick with that character throughout player match. I mostly do it because it allows me to get consistent practice vs the same character(most times). This way I learn the match somewhat quicker as opposed to constantly switching opponents.

I’ll start with my main for a match, then my alt, then randoms for the rest.

It’s nice getting to try other characters, even if I completely blow. I’ve even resorted to shouting in my mic when my next fierce SRK’s coming out >X).

Eh, I play secondaries more often than my main in player matches. Only if I really want to send a message to the opponent do I pick my main.

Start out with a character that I’m trying to learn. If they’re good/better than me than I’ll stick with that character. If they’re worse than me and they beat that character, then I’ll beat them 1-2 times with my main then leave hah.

I start with randoms and if I lose a few I’ll go to main. Which is Rose. Which they think is an equivalent of Dan. Which almost grants me the win.