How often do you select your main character in Player Match?

I always play my main because I’m really not very good and I’m always trying to get better lol. So the more practice I get, the better.

If I don’t know the guy, I’ll never pick my main against them and just use one of my other chars to see how good they are. I only ever switch to my main if I’m clearly getting outplayed; winning/losing is irrelevant. If I know the guy is a real good player beforehand though, I’ll always use my main against them. I really don’t like using my Chun unless I know I’m gonna be learning a lot from the match.

Player matches > anything else btw.

I main Abel since day 1. Lately, I always pick Guile first, then switch to the main if I get beaten. If they continue to beat my main, I’ll stick with him, otherwise I pick about 50 percent of the cast.

I’ll go back to Abel if I lose a couple with side characters and want to redeem myself.


Depends on my mood and who I’m playing against. If it’s a stranger then I stick with whatever character I’m trying to learn. I don’t care how badly I get beaten.

I started playing Abel recently and ended up in a player match vs a Zangief. I only beat him in after 15 matches, but I had no intention of switching chars. The matchup experience is extremely valuable.

For me, player matches are for trying new stuff. So if I want to try a new strategy out with my main I’ll pick him. Usually, though, it’s for trying out a new character.

My main is the question mark!!!:wow:

True story :party:

Me essentially. I main Gief, and between teh ‘hatred’’ for him, and the playstyles I have to deal with when I play as him, I only pull him out if I feel I have to…or if the person picks Sagat…thats a garunteed Giefing then. I don’t see why I would play my main in player matches or even ‘go all out’. If I wanted ‘balls to the wall’ type play, I’d be in championship mode or ranked mode. If I’m in Player matches, I’m just trying out new things, picking up characters, looking for comp a bit over the computer. Now if a player and I agree to a sparring session, then its probobale I’ll get serious as we are playing with a real purpose in mind training, but otherwise? I’ll pick either the ‘grappler order’ (Abel/Ef/Honda/Gief/Vega/Rose…) or I pick my characters I like but don’t really rock with order (Blanka/Abel/Ef/Gen/Vega/CV/Honda/Rose/Chun/Guile/Bison/then possibly Gief)


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i almost always go random select, if i dont do random select, then i pick dan. It pisses me off when i go random select and the other guy will pick his main and beat me once then leave… like, your judging me on 1 random select??? i had a guy do that do me, so i asked him why he left and he said cuz i suck dick, so i invited him to a rematch, spanked him with my gief 4 times in a row, sent him a :slight_smile: then left.

but yea, player matches are for learning new characters, random select, or Dan Madness. Anyone who wants to play their main should be in champ mode.

I don’t enjoy playing people who go random, if I see he does it twice in a row I leave.

I like playing people that actually have a game plan. It’s more rewarding when you win.

all chun all day baby… she never gets boring. if the person that i’m playing cant handle her, then its time for me to find a new opponent.


All Sakura, All the time. Occasionally, I’ll dabble in another character but I usually end up trying to play them like Sakura and it doesn’t work, so I go back to her.

But what if the game plan is to beat people when you do Random Select? I like trying to learn all the characters. Of course i cant be super competitive with everyone, ide say out of everyone the only people i cant hold my own with is Viper, Rog and Sagat (i feel dirty every time i get him :shake:). But the way i see it is, i paid for all the characters, why not use them? and random is a good way to do that. its quite satisfying to play someone and beat them a number of times with different characters chosen at random, but thats just me :smile:

I only pull out my main when i get pissed.
I use player matches to train my alts.

First match i usually just pick random to gauge my opponents skill level/mess around.
Then if they are worthy, i start climbing my “good people” ladder.

You beat my Ken, you face Abel. Beat him, you fight Boxer. Beat him, you meet Mr. Bison. Best my dic, then you fight the mack daddy Vega.

Apparently, many lolz come from Vega being my best character. It always throws them for a loop when I bring out Vega last.

always through thick and thin…Rog all the way

It depends. If its just random player matches, I’ll start with my 3rd - Seth, if that doesn’t go well, I’ll use my 2nd - Bison, or main - Vega. I found in a lot of those player matches, if the other guy loses right away they just leave, and its hard finding a 4-5 bar match, so I start with my weakest character (not that I’m all that with Bison or Vega).

If its a player match request sent to someone on my friend’s list, then I start with Vega, because those are usually people I requested to add after they beat me in champ mode where I only use my main, and I want the match-up practice. Sometimes I’ll switch to Bison to see if I do any better with him, but mostly I stick with my main on those matches.

Always main at first to kind of represent, then if I get beat up a couple of times, I choose my second or even third. If I own I play around with characters I know decently.

i get people dc’ing in player matches. So I have never even bothered playing a ranked or championship match since I assume that the dc rate must be like 20-50% or something ridiculous like that.

I always play player matches and I always use abel. because I suck, so i need to practice.

I completely disagree with the idea that player matches dont mean anything, I think that’s actually a really sad outlook.

I play to learn, not to get “points”

When I’m playing against someone from here, I’ll usually go for Abel because I know they’ll give me a workout :wonder:

When I’m playing with other SF Friends, I either go Random or someone like Dhalsim, who I like but am crappy at

So what do players do when they just want to…ya know…play around? when you aren’t real ‘serious’?

I’m sorry, Player Matches don’t mean anything to me shrug, its a practice room with other people in it, casuals if you will, and if you’ve done casuals especially right before a tourney, you know that the air is definatly different, as people are just playing relaxed in casuals and it isn’t until either money/tourney is up - that people get ‘serious’.

to me that is what a player match is, its casual. Its “hey lets see if I can land this combo I’ve been practicing” or “heh lets see if I can get the abel loop going.” It isn’t “I’m better than this guy yeah!” If you think your better than me off a player match LOL. Hell half the time in player matches I’m fighting off my cats and eating dinner at the same time :rofl: I’d hardly call that ‘serious’.


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