How often do you select your main character in Player Match?

Player matches don’t mean anything, but online points in championship mode do?
I haven’t played champ mode in a while, I just spar with people I know in player matches, sometimes I play randoms. Most of the time I’m playing people I know that have a decent connection.

I play Gen exclusively, player or champ or live play.

It’s true that I won’t be learning anything new, but it keeps execution up to par.

And Ryu got boring ten years ago =/

Like most here, I’ll pick my main to start out with and gauge the player. After that I’ll swap, win or lose. Always have to get one good dan fight in either way, which somehow always ends up in the other player leaving regardless if they win or lose heh.

I never play serious (I’m not good enough yet :slight_smile:

ditto about the damn cats, sometimes I’m even on the phone during matches. But the game to me is about self improvement, not who is better than who. I only like playing people who are better than me because I learn more quickly that way, probably why my win record is soooo low, if i beat someone more than 2-3 times in a row, i go find someone better who’s willing to spar with me. I guess everyone’s got their own philosophy on what the game means to them though.

i always play my main, player matches, ranked, championship, arcades, etc…
even when i lose to my friend wendalson 10 times in a row i still play guile no matter what. the only way i think someone can get better with a character is to play it constantly until you hate the character and then you play some more.

ill play my main like once or twice, but i like to relax in player matches and play wit other chars

Main main all day long.

Off topic, main is such a weird word. Main main main. Just losing meaning 'cause I see it all the time, I guess.

Mayne my main was mane-ing cats in Maine the othe day mang!

  • :bluu:

I pick my main cause I’m tired of losing to some shitty player that runs away/kicks me after they get a win.

Ryu is my main,i have nothing to hide with him, plus im still learning stuff with him. thats whol i use 99 percent of the time, ill use Akuma once in a while because decided to secondary him finally lol.

Some good posts in here.

Machineking: For the record, many diehard tourney/dedicated player have acknowledge online play in general should not be taken seriously. If Player Matches have no meaning to you, what does? CE Mode due to its points system? That’s not an accurate gauge of skill.

CriTikalx: LOL

Dime: Glad to hear your thoughts on this because we’re both in the same boat. I find her so rewarding to play. Going against someone that lives and dies by Akuma but wastes my time playing “runaway corner tactics” puts me to sleep.

Sometimes I don’t even need to terminate our session because after one game or so, many just give up.

Personally I use about three characters: Blanka, Guile and Chun. If I am bored or actually know the player, I’ll bust out Rose and Rufus (who will eventually become official alternates) but the majority of my sessions consist of using Chun.

I hardly pick my main. I want to have fun and enjoy a bit of variety. Also I like the challenge vs a scruv that thinks he is better. Makes me player harder which makes me a better player.

I usually just choose my main character for the first match, then pick another character. Once I’ve played every character, I go back to my main character until I’m done playing.

As most people have said, Main/Alt Main first match, if I crush em, I’ll mess around, close match, I’ll prolly choose main again. They crush me,I’ll definately pick my main again to try to tear down their defenses.

Although I feel bad because a few of the people on my friends list aren’t that great and I know they want to fight my main(s) but, I just really don’t want to crush them over and over… These are people who are nice but quite bluntly they are very new and even though Im not great still stand little chance against my mains so I feel bad using em. At the same time I know, like if someone else crushes me, I wanna play them again, see the chips in their armor and learn a new trick or two.

always pick guile first bc even though i suck with him i never lose horribly either… but if i lose 2 or 3 matches in a row i go to my main

This is my strategy as well. I try to pick people who I’m not so great with and don’t have comfort with their timing to keep me sharp.

Some of you 09ers are retarded.

So far, the only time I deviate from Dictator:

  • against friends who rarely play

  • training mode (slowly developing Viper and Akuma)

  • when I accidentally accept a champ mode match with terrible lag, in which case I pick Dan. Sadly, I’ve won several matches with him.

i usually pick different characters after using my main once in player matches. and think other people should do the same, it gets insanely boring always fighting ryu all the time.

although i did play one player recently who picked ken EVERY time, about 8 times in total. sometimes he would move the cursor around by other people like he would select someone else and then just bloody pick ken anyway! whats the point i ask you?