How often do you use Honda's kicks?

i’ve been playing Honda for awhile now and I mostly use jabs and pokes and headbutts to anti-air but I hardly ever use his kicks. I occasionally throw out a standing hk to keep the opponent away and I occasionally do a jumping hk into a into a strong headbutt but those are about the only times I use a kick. Should I be using his lk and mk more often?

Hk is his best poke.
Cr mk xx hp hhs is hondas best punish in most situations. (ex loops aside)
Cl mk does 90 damage, has 5 frame startup and can be cancelled into all specials however it does stupid pushback which renders it mostly useless.
St mk is suprisingly good as counter poke, move has a good hitbox, kinda reminds me of sagats st mk.
Cr lk is + 2 on block/ + 5 on hit, Hondas only real pressure string, probably his best normal to tick into oicho and can be comboed into cr lp
Neutral Jump Hk is Hondas best air to air move, pretty much beats everything.

edit: not suprisingly i forgot about hondas sweep, probably the worst sweep in the game, only good in certain situations vs certain moves - ie chuns st hk, guiles backfist, sagat hk . It is however +2 on block so can be used on oponents wake up as a ghetto frame trap.

I have trouble doing cr. mk xx hp hhs

How should I be doing it?

The inputs for me is Mk-Hp-Lp-Mp-Lp-Hp, i play on pad and use a crazy button layout that lets do hhs using just my thumb so presuming you use a stick i cant really help with that :frowning:

I use them to choose my attacks carefully.


crMK has higher input priority than crLP, so press them both together and then continue your slide/piano as you normally would for hands.

Nice Stevo!
Some random stuff: s.MK can be used as anti air against some far jumping attacks and it comes out faster than s.HP.
Close MK can be used as a frame trap for jumps(like against an opponent trying to jump after a c.LK) since it’s a 5 framer like c.LK and has a higher hitbox so if you’re not perfect with your timing you can hit them too after their jump startup(4 frames for most of the cast). Close MK also combos from c.LK, for whatever it’s worth and what has already been mentioned.
Crouching MK and close HK can be used to frametrap too(kinda like close s.HP and c.MP but faster) after a very close blocked s.LP(+3) or c.LK(+2). All of them(plus s.MP) can be followed with a c.LP into special and/or super afterwards if you score a counterhit except for s.HK in which case the c.LP is character specific.
Both versions of his air HKs do more damage than his other air attacks but have almost no project invincibility on his lower body.
His overhead(df+HK) is a sometimes useful gimmick, it’s special/super/focus cancellable in most of his frames before being active so you can cancel it into all of honda’s specials. His target combo can be used in the same way except for the charge restrictions that the starting s.MP will give you.

I do this + lp, hp, mp, lp, hp or whatever is your piano style as long as you press mk together with lp