How old are top players?

No one is bringing up GEEEEEEEENEEEEE?

Deathscythe already mentioned him

I’m 24.

I’m a top player in games you’ve never heard of!

well am 26 :looney::rofl::wgrin:

Pretty sure Daigo is 25.

I thought Daigo was still in his early 20s? Tokido/Ohnuki should be around there too.

That would put Daigo at about age 12 during Daigo vs. Alex 1998.

Mr.D44 is 28

most top gg players are under 24, if not all. in america.

Seriously…38 by the end of the year.

<-- OOOOLD skewl…

haha im like 28 and i got a kid coming

Daigo was in his second year of high school, I believe. So, that puts him at 25. He’s not THAT old.

Damn dude :wtf:!!!

I’m 20. I’m a top player in being awesome. It’s a very technical game.

Im young

Are you gonna make a living out of videogames to feed your child

whats gonna be his name

Call him under a top players name, or better yet
a marvel character

Daigo Alex Wong
thats sounds nice :rofl:

RIFK. (so good I cant spel it right)

25 in a week



It’s not actually true. It would have been if Stabby’s guess had been correct.

Pustin Pong is 20.