How old do you think the Earth is?


Be honest. Don’t lie to yourself.

See Wikipedia article Earth.

Is this a test of my faith?

The same age as your momma.

0/10 thread.

And obviously, the Earth is 4,000 years old, and dinosaur remains are a trick by the gubbermint and science.

A little less than 10,000 years old…let’s see…I was born bout 9,763 years ago…so probably a few centuries before then…

So that would be less than 10 thousand years old?

Are we talking about EARTH earth, or the fluoridium polycarbonate dopple-shell installed on Ganymede that the Lizard Queen uses as a prison planet for the enslaved descendants of the Sun?

I wrote an essay for my first university degree about applying Berkeley’s idealism to the temporal world, a position that would forward the assertion that the earth (as we interact with it) is less than two seconds old. Not saying I believe that point of view of course, but it’s just as valid as any other opinion that isn’t based on that ‘science’ stuff.

Some people who have supposedly used the Radiocarbon Dating method would suggest that this planet is millions of years old. However what a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that the Carbon Dating method can only ***estimate ***up to around 62,000 years…which contradicts these supposed “findings” people have claimed to make using the method. In all honesty I’m more prone to believe that the earth is closer to 10,000 years old than it ever being even close to the millions. And that’s from a totally unbiased, Agnostic point of view. People seem to unnecessarily relate this view with religion, which I guess I can understand, but there’s a difference between this and Young Earth Creationism. Maybe my oppisitional views against Evolution helped me come to this stance, I don’t know.

There’s grass on the field so old enough

she’s old enough for it to be legal…

Radioactive decay.

OVER 9000 years!

@goodm0urning had the best post.

Carbon dating isn’t the only method of radiometric dating and is only fitting for organic material. The conclusion that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old is based on K-Ar dating.

Here’s a vid to help you out. Take note though that this has heavy anti-creation themes.



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That’s a good thing.

I created the earth. You’re all living roles I created for you, when I created the earth, because I am God. Before me there was nothingness, and before me there was no history, because I created that too, to distract you all from asking the real hard-hitting questions:

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A simple case of evolution that we have personally observed occur that took me all of one second to find. Whatever your “oppisitional views” are, evolution happens, sorry.

I never said Evolution doesn’t occur or will never occur. I just don’t believe in its stance as a symbol of one’s faith in the origin of our existence.