How old do you think the Earth is?

People often use the theory of Evolution as a basis for their understanding of the human origin, just as someone would use the bible in the same way. BEWD misunderstood me and thought that I was denying the existence of any type of Evolution, which I wasn’t.

EDIT:Looking back I now realize that my wording was kinda’ confusing.

your post rambles on and still doesn’t make any sense, which is what i’d expect from someone who thinks the earth is 10,000 years old.

Riveting response.

It’s this lack of objectivity and basic levels of reading comprehension that quickly turn these kinds of threads into anything devoid of intelligent conversation.

Old enough to get fucked by pluto when it was still a planet.

its not possible to comprehend something that was written by a retard

Taking into consideration the severity of recent natural disasters I’d say Earth is in it’s rebellious teen years.

Older then threads with a Dat Madden poll option.

Older than Jesus riding a T-Rex.

4.5 billion years

How old do I think the Earth is? Can this wait until I’ve asked Ric Flair?

your a damn fool. Carbon dating is the most primitive form. There is uranuim dating, potassuim, etc. read a book

The earth is mad old son.

hypocritical SRK

laughs at the bible thumpers for being so dumb and allowing a bunch of crap that a bunch of strangers wrote to influence their worldview and make up facts for them

goes on wikipedia to look up age of earth

it’s pretty old, but no older than the DSLforums

The good thing about science is that it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not
it’s true regardless
Even the most dedicated of religious apologists reject the idea of the earth being thousands of years old because it’s just that stupid.

edit: It seems I’ve been trolled

Also, voted for 2 seconds because everything is not real and we all live in artificial reality created by artificial beings who live in an artificial program, so time is nonexistent, and my dick told me so

Not as old as reddit, sheesh get a webdesigner reddit you so old!

Evolution is just like religion, except for the part where it has the most robust body of evidence of any theory for our development as a species by far.

1 month and 1 week

Ok, then how do you reconcile the fact that evolution happens with the fact that there are numerous deceased life forms on this earth that lived millions of years ago with your “being prone to believe Earth is 10kyo”? Surely you aren’t suggesting that we walked with dinosaurs.(granted I loved that flick)

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