How on earth do I deal with endless corner pressure?

I just started playing recently, and for one example, I was just matched up with a 3000pp elena who just cornered me and poked at me and did blockstrings for the entire game…I couldn’t do anything, everything I tried got stuffed, srks got stuffed or just whiffed, got thrown an ass-ton of times, none of my throws connected, literally nothing worked and I got perfected twice in a row.

Like…what? What do I do?

Sorry if this question gets asked all the time…just frustrated.

elenas a bullshit character,

there would have been opportunities amongst the pressure its quite hard to comment on what to do without any footage uploaded. Need to study the matchup and her moves, what normals/special moves are punishable on block which you weren’t punishing, if he was frame trapping shoryukens blow it but you have to be mindful of baits. Being new and facing someone who’s 3k pp is also not a great idea, being leagues above you you are more likely to be overwhelmed than to learn and adjust.