How on earth sf3 sequels going to be like without ryu/ken(and other classics?)

remember that sf3 beta testing ? fans complained to capcom for not having ken and ryu inside …

what if …

the players do not complain about it and accept it ?
sean could have hadoukens … :xeye:

Well, if that’s the case, then I would have been happier with guile not being in it lol.

If I see an SF game with the shotos or any other classic chars, I want my Guile. If not, then it’s okay to replace him.

I thought it was stupid to bring back those 3 chars. The whole point was a new generation of fighters not to bring back the old ones, but as always someone had to complain and bitch. At least the majority of the characters were new, but I would have rather had new shotos in the place of Ken and Ryu, it just seems odd to see them in a game full of new faces. Oh well, I hope they dont bring them back for the next SF cuz it would be pretty stupid and ridicolous. By then cannonwise Chun Li would be an old hag bitch and Ken and Ryu are two old farts still whipping out fireballs while they can’t control their bowel movements(although I know no one cares about cannon, but you guys get what im saying). Hey I like Ryu and Ken too, but for god sakes you have to let cool characters come to an end, if you milk them then they become pointless. Their comes a time when you just have to let a character die, or ride of into the sunset and just end their story, they can’t go on fighting forever, or training forever.

i actually find it ok with those classics …

and remember that capcom says that sf3 is about new generations , no classics …

too bad the fans forced them …

and what would sf3 concentrate on ?? in the storyline ?

I agree with that. Except for the old hags part. Age doesn’t matter. Look at Oro. Still, I would rather have had one other character in place of Ryu and Ken (Ryu and Ken do not equal two completely seperate characters) and a decent Sean. I hate the fact that Sean is a jobber because complainers still wanted old Ryu and Ken. They should have been secret or something so Sean wouldn’t have been a waste.

Character identification is part of any series of games. Capcom is making a mistake, and did make a mistake, removing classic characters in sequels to the SF series. From a marketing standpoint it makes absolutely no sense.

like akuma !! damn , ryu or ken or other classics should be a hidden character …

sean would be really not be the dan in the game …

Sorry, but it simply wouldn’t be SF without Ryu. I agree 100% with BenjaminHaining. It simply won’t happen.

Guile was replaced by Remy. And I feel Remy is so much better if you know partial buffering (which I don’t)
Maybe Sean is going to replace Ryu/Ken/Dan/Akuma.

I would not mind seeing Ryu/Ken/Dan/Akuma only as unplayable bosses.

I don’t think remy is really that great. Hell, his normals actually suck… for a charge character. and hell, he doesn’t play anything like guile.

Hm I am a fan of Ryu and Ken, the Shoto clan in general, but I think if there is an SF4 ever, then It’s time to scrap the original cast. It’s time for a true new generation of characters, though the SF3 characters could come back. I don’t know maybe Ryu could make an unplayable guest appearence as Alex’s boss as the only exception.

Ryu is the man and Ryu to me can’t function without Ken because they both need each other to feed of the rivarly.
So SF should always have those two, even with Ryu mid tier, I still use him and even Ken as I have use them two since fighting streets.

sigh looks like sf mascot must appear everywhere …

i don’t mind if capcom made up a new hero … which replace ryu … sakura is 1

didnt they try?
with alex

alex story is rather confusing , he is the chosen 1 … to be the next successor for gill …

Just use Ken’s son (Mel?) as the new shoto. Same moves, new sprites. Satsifies people who can’t live without shotos, and satsifies people who wants to see Ryu & Ken gone.

They could have Akuma kill both Ryu and Ken, and then make Sean go out for revenge for Ken or something. I dunno. I will say that I do like Remy a bit more than Guile story-wise, even if he is an angsty little bitch. Guile always seemed very two-dimensional, a caricature of how Japanese people see the US. I saw Alex like that for a while, until I realized he’s supposed to be the hero. He’s in Ryu’s role, always training to get better and fighting to test himself.

The new characters are a lot like the old ones, but I was getting sick of the old motivations behind the characters. I was more than a little happy to sit and wonder about a character’s story. And how anyone could dislike Dudley is beyond me. That man has style to spare.

“Let’s fight… like gentlemen” :clap:

they already said in sf4 the only returning character will be ryu, no matter what the fans want.

That’s good news imo, though I would have thought that they would atleast bring Alex back too…
Then again as discovered today, Capcom’s words aren’t worth a hell of a lot.

Although 3s is a great game, I utterly despise 1/2 of the cast. They just arent as “SF-ish” as the ST or A3 characters. In the Alpha and SF2 games, most of the characters were human, with the exception of Blanka (who is a bit human actually). In the SF3 games, we get a hermit, a slimy thing, an electrified slimy thing, an iron dude in a thong, a god guy in a thong, some Inspector Gadget ripoff, and a KOF reject (he’s human, but I had to mention this). Nobody liked the fact that Alex was the hero, and since people liked the old characters like Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, etc., that hurt the games a lot (characters who try to mimic other characters can’t replace the classics). I do like some 3s desings, though (Ibuki, Yun, Yang, Elena, Dudley, Alex, and maby some others), but to be honest, people can’t live without their Shotos, Guiles, Dhalsims, etc.

In other words, the SF3 series would have failed miserably if they did not have Ryu AND Ken (they did bad enough without the other SF2 characters). To prove my point, when I play 2nd Impact, most people choose Ryu and Ken. They may be scrubs, but they’re playing. Without them, SF would have died. Talk all the trash you want, but it’s true.