How people keep doing DP in A groove


I just tried to use Sakura CC, but not even one I success.

20% of time it become super after 3 or 4 DP.
50% of time it become FireBall
30% of time the DP got canceled by HP.

Is there a special way of holding/executing it?

What I do is keep the stick on the edge(never go back to center), execute a dragon punch then (Forward, down-forward, down, down forward, Forward + HP) X N

what Am I doing wrong? :frowning:

Thanks for helping


If you mean with a controller, it’s simple as hell, but if you mean joystick, that’s another story, I personally had to change how I HELD the joystick to do it quick enough, but in anycase, if you mean joystick, just hold it from the bottom of the grip (Or close, it’s how I do it) and hold the bar between your middle and ring finger and just keep…waving your wrist in the motion, other then that, you can turn it on at home, go into training and turn on key display to see how quick your doing the motion, if you press fierce too quick, whatever, and after a while when looking where you screwed up, you’ll get better at execution and it won’t be a problem. Oh, and you don’t have to hold the stick like I say, I’m only saying it because I find it easier for me since I can do dp motions easier, and my hand doesn’t cramp up as much when my hands cupped over the grip.


Well for A-Sakura, after doing 2-3 regular DP’s, keep doing FB’s (QCF+HP xN) Make sure not to do the Red FB (HCF+HP) or it won’t work.

For Bison you can do the FB motions after a couple of regular DP’s but his DP’s in his CC are harder to do than Sakura’s IMO because his DP’s are more “sensitive”. This means you can’t do DP’s freely like Sakura. If you do, there is a greater chance that you will mess up.


You’re pressing the punch button at the wrong joystick input. Turn on the key display in training. Learn to press the fierce on down-forward and not at forward. The official motion for the DP ends there, whereas for the fireball/super it is at forward.


The super FB activates at down-forward. So I don’t even know how it’s even possible when I think about it.

Prolly has something to do with the timing.


Max I can do now is 36 hit >_< need more pratice

praticing 20min a day, hurt hand like crazy :frowning:


Yeah, super FB activates at down-forward, but that’s the shortcut. Official motions for Capcom Fireball supers have always been double qct (and DP supers end officially at d/f). And it IS a matter of timing. There’s a window for the input to be accepted. If you do the motion too fast and hit the fierce at the wrong point, you’ll get fierce into super. That’s why I tell people that it’s important to get a rhythm in the CC, so they’re always doing the button presses in time with the motions.


I know… this pisses me off. :slight_smile: I can do manual DPs quickly enough to do it, but I can’t do the scrub-friendly version.

I even hit Punch at Towards during CC and I get the uppercut sometimes when go for the “easy” version… It must be the timing. I just have to get that certain rhythm down.

I just think it’s funny how it SHOULDN’T work, because you should get super/FB… but if you do it with the right rhytm, you get the multiple DP CC.


I thought manual DPs were the most correct way to do it?
Someone said that you will miss 1 hit if you buffer
is this true or it all depends on the timing?

somehow my buffered paint-the-fence is getting 5 hits each except the first one where the opponet is floating too high


Someone lied. I ALWAYS buffer DP’s and I can get the cancel at 4 hits every time.


PokesYOU told me this technique for Sakura’s repeated DP.

use your palm, don’t hold the stick with ur fingers, do the dp motion, then do the haduken motion. I guess you can call this the

PokesYOU Sak DP tech

and every time u press RIGHT, press FP.

I suggest u practice this daily, for like 10 min once u think u master it. one time, i haven’t played cvs2 in a week, muscle memory starts to forget, then hadukens come out.