How people view Fighting Games


Fighting games are deeper than the games mentioned for 1 very simple reason: it pits one player against another player. Therefore, fighting games can never be truly mastered because somewhere, someone out there is better than you.

I mean, FPS games are nothing more than point and shoot… but since you are pitted against another player, strategies change, and becomes deeper over time.

I have a feeling I know who “TheRush” is – one of the company’s spokemen (who also voiced one of the characters… in kapampangan). Well, he always maintained that even bad publicity is still publicity…

oh my god “…The Sims…” :rolleyes:

anyway, i think it’s stupid to compare games like MGS and beu

i think it’s like comparing movies to sports…

RPGs nowadays are all cliched. Battle systems are boring and are insanely easy (except, of course, for those odd games like Unlimited Saga). Everyone nowadays wants some super extravagant story but everyone seems to have forgotten what gameplay is all about. Xenosaga series is the best example of this.
Sports have evolved? Not really. It just grows to be more realistic. They also tend to overhype little features, make roster updates, and release it next year. Not to mention, it’s very statistically based and does not offer true balanced gameplay. Taking a wide open shot in NBA 2k5 is just playing statistics. Or that wide receiver dropped the ball? Well, that’s because his catch rating was 45.
Strategy, I can see how that evolved, with hero units, group bonuses, flanking bonuses, etc, and there are all new types.

Fighting games evolve due to systems. Look at GGXX. There are tons of systems in it. or CvS2. Shorthop, parry, rolls, airblocking, stocks, super jump… those are the kinds of systems that developers add to evolve the game. Tekken 5 adds the crush system, adjusts frame advantage and it plays completely different. And best of all, it’s entirely dependent on the player to make or break it… yes, there’s tiers, but for the most part, it’s not like you’re going to miss a random shoryuken because your uppercut rating was only 82.

Fighting games are dwarfed in popularity to the other games for reasons. Many which have nothing to do with depth or whether the games 1 vs 1 or not. Some people are simply not turned on by the “fighting” genre. People give more credence to the games they like and often confuse “depth” with preference.

It has been proven time and time again that depth does not equal a good game. Whats the point of the argument.

His point was fighting games never evolved. It was the same as it was back when Street Fighter 2 came out. Unlike with RPGs, Halo, Sims etc.

Couldn’t you say that about other game genres though? FPS is still point and shoot, just with better graphics and a different setting.

But anyway, wouldn’t you say that VOOT was an evolution of the fighting game genre? It just is so niche no-one even mentions it.

I think he got his ass kicked one to many times.

Im not kidding, most people that say that arent good enough to actually beat anyone so they just go, well it sucks anyway.

Fact of the matter is people hate losing, and for alot of people, they dont want to spend time actually learning the game, they just want to do something and win. Thats why DOA is so popular.

Wow I wasn’t even aware I had to learn anything to play fighters. All I have to do is “bash around” and I’ll stand a chance against ANYONE. Awesome.

These people that say this stuff just fucking suck. Ask them to play for money since fighters are so easy. They won’t. Because they suck and would rather put the games down than to learn them.

LOL @ fighting games being the easiest to make. Other genres have a lot more slack developers can get by with. One little glitch will fuck up a fighter for good. Not to mention us fighting game nerds won’t stop bitching at developers that make the fighters lol. I’d be on suicide watch if I was a fighting game developer.

How the hell do you “evolve” fighting games? I could say the same thing about FPS. You still shoot stuff no matter what game you play.

Now his whole arguement is about me making a typo in a single word. Totally ignoring all my points.

Meh, the guy just doesn’t know anything about fighting games, and it seems like he has no plans to seriously try any out. There’s no way to win an argument with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about and doesn’t want to learn. I’ve had friends who think the same way he does, but if I get them to sit down with me to just half an hour of a fighting game, they always come away with an appreciation of how difficult and complex the good games in the genre are. This guy plainly won’t do that, so whatever. Who cares if he’s entirely wrong, it’s no sweat off my back.

How has any genre evolved since, say, NES times?

Graphics are moot, since every genre gets updated graphics, and if you just update graphics, its still the same exact game, just looks different.

RPGs I can think of nothing major. Some new status effects. New ways for exp to work or to get stronger. Changes to the user interface to make things easier to understand(ie stats more easilly viewable).

FPS gets what, new guns? Hitting a certain part of a character makes them take more damage?

Sports get more ways to customize your team.

Music games weren’t around long to my knowledge, but they haven’t evolved at all either.

Fighting games get new systems and move properties, and a whole bunch of single player modes.

RTS Gather resources/make army/attack. Pretty much the same as Fighting games in terms of evolvement. Improved resource gathering, new attack/armor properties.

Its to the point where its now you need to either make a new genre(unlikely) or find a new way to combine current genres to make a new game. Its mostly taking rpg elements into other games, ie warcraft 3 using rpg elements to make heros, sports games using rpg elements to give players stat growth through a season, ect. The tekken 5 cards add rpg elements to fighting games, they just don’t have any effect on gameplay as they are all presentation. RPG elements are usually popular. Almost everyone likes to see their skill/weapon/character get stronger, or to try to win with the weakest possable. For anyone who’s played the Ratchet and Clank series, look at all the RPG elements added/enlarged between the first and third?

And one question regarding genres. Can anyone tell me why Zelda is an RPG but Ratchet and Clank is a platformer?

If someone doesn’t look deeply into any genre they will fail to see the changes. Of course theres changes to fighters just like there are changes to FPS, RPG’s blah, blah, blah. It takes a fan of these games generally to realize the changes but they are there.

Like I can tell you lots of changes between UT, and UT2k4. HL and HL2 but to some people it still simply means point and shoot.

What a lot of game players want more than anything is freedom. My sister, an idiot, says the reason fighting games suck, namely 2D fighters, is because your movements are restricted to a linear 2D plane. Hence why fighting games like DOA and MKD are more successful, much to the dismay of lacking any real depth in the fighting engine.

Under that criteria, the only genres I can think of that truly have “evolved” and evolved for the better are stealth and action. Play all three Splinter Cells and you’ll see what I mean.

Unfortunately the majority out there probably think like bludwid. These kind of people don’t want to think when they play a game; they just want to sit down and be sucked into the game story and graphics and let their brain melt.

In this ADD generation, finding people who are patient and dedicated enough to figure out the essential strategies of a competitive game and analyzing why they lose are getting rarer indeed.

In defense of the ADD generation and to slander it at the same time. Taking video games lightly is a good thing; however it’s not like they’re spending their valuable time wisely in the first place.

Idiot, you can spell, you just can’t read. Look at my post. I wasn’t making fun of your spelling.

One of the coolest things is story mode for 1P fighting- CPU (all the time on the console, since none of my friends play fighters seriously).

Project Justice and GG went the extra mile in character development, story paths, etc. :tup:

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