How popular is this game?


I’m playing SSF4 on pc and recently saw this game being promoted on Steam.
After gathering some information, I’m intrigued. The game looks amazing especially the training mode, the game speed looks perfect and it doesn’t have the problem SF has which is having like 40 characters with only 10 diverse fighting styles.
I rather have a cast of a couple really diverse characters than another 8 Ryu clones.

So how big is the community and why wasn’t it on the EVO mainstage? Is it imbalanced, or suffers from a tiny playerbase?

Does it make sense to buy it and will I have people left to play with 3 years from now?


We had 170 entrants at EVO and Top8 got streamed on Mainstage which is ‘good enough’ for a Side tournament IMO.
We weren’t a maingame because SG is indie -doesn’t have a company with $$$ to throw at the TOs- and only got 2nd place in the Breast Cancer Drive for a spot (behind Melee)

Community is nobody-knows how big; we raised 830k $ to fund additional characters when the Publisher couldn’t pay the team, but how many of the people that spent money actually play, and will continue playing? I dunno.
PC Beta is extremely active atm, consoles were rather empty occasionally (found matches, but generally against the same people).

Nobody knows what will be in 3 years


I’ve been playing the PC beta. Aside from AE, I haven’t played a fighting game where I can find as many matches as I’ve been finding on skullgirls. Most people say the game won’t last, though. Personally, I don’t know either way.


Hope it lasts, but yeah np finding matches on the beta which is reassuring. When all the new DLC characters are implemented, the total will be a respectable 13. On the PC there is less competition as far as fighting games are concerned which is good for Skullgirls.


Well, looking at the Steam community page right now, it looks like Skullgirls has 632 people in-game right now. SSF4 has 537 people in-game.


Go Skullgirls!


I’ve heard alot of hype about skull girls is it really as good as people say.


Been on the PC version since PSN is a ghost town. I don’t have trouble finding people to play on PC


Yup, instead of 40 characters with 10 different playing styles we’ve got 10 characters with 10 different playing styles :smiley:

Really though, if it looks like the kind of fighting game you’d enjoy go ahead and buy it. The online scene is busy because it’s a recent release and it’s relatively cheap so you won’t be losing too much even if you don’t like it.

Skullgirls wasn’t on the Evo main stage because the tournament scene and attendance is small but the online scene is big. It’s really hard to say how long a scene will last ahead of time, but the game does seem to be picking up a lot of PC-only gamers who are trying out fighting games for the first time so the Skullgirls scene does have a lot of potential if we can somehow get these guys out to tournaments.


Nope, it’s even better.


My PC is a POS and i was thinking about getting this game for Xbox. Im hearing it’s a dead game, is the the community mainly on PC? If so then i probably won’t pick it up. Looks like a great game, though.


Unfortunately the PC release has cannibalized much of the console activity. There are still people that play on console, but you’ll have more luck finding friends at and playing them than just jumping straight into quickmatch or rooms on console. Activity will probably pick up again once the consoles are updated with Squigly and the patch, which should happen in 5 or 6 weeks.


Why are you directing people to skullheart? Its down for Christs sake.

PC did cannibalize s lot of players but I’m sure there will be an influx pf players coming back to console once Squigly edition makes its way to consoles. Also how much of a toaster is your computer? With the right settings SG can run on some pretty bad computers.


Calm the fuck down. SH has been up since yesterday, and was up when I made the recommendation.


Gonna get myself some Skullgirls action when I’ve recovered from my arcade stick purchase.
Game looks amazingly fun and well-crafted.

Should get a lot more exposure.


Actually speaking from personal experience, one of the nest ways to make a stick transition is to start a new game entirely. I did that with mahvel and skullgirls and I got used to it a lot faster since I didn’t have to fight old muscle memory. Though I actually still can’t play AE on stick. I’m too used to pad and it just wont work.


This is probably good advice. I made my transition to keyboard(and eventually hitbox) on Skullgirls. Being new to the game made the transition easier on me.


Yeah you just develop a familiarity with the controller better. Because if you start with a game you already played you’re always going “I can do this on pad why the fuck can’t I do this on stick yet?!?”. That constant comparison can be demoralizing for some or lead to buyers remorse.


How similar is it to Marvel 2, though?


Just bought this, nobody on PS3…

Anybody know tiers for this, btw?