How popular was KOF 94 & 95 when it came out

I remember how popular it was when it came out in England and I wish I could go back in time to play again with diff players

how popualr was it when it came out in USA

Not very, at least where I lived. Of all places, a local Grocery Store received a '94 cab in mid '95. It got a lot of play considering it was the only fighting game in the row of cabs. To this day I have never played '95 on a cab. I purchased it on the PS1 when it was released and my friends and I had countless scruby matches with it.

Dunno abou the US, but in Brazil it was massive. Biggest SNK game until then.

wow I wish I could have seen the best of Central/south America play the JPN/Koreans in KOF 94 & 95

It would have been Argentina and Brazil vs Europe for the World cup

wtf? ive had 94 since its release and i always found it to be a pretty shitty game (yeah i said it, even back then). what i do remember is SSII, it was one of the, if not the most played 2d fighter out there back. in europe, asia maybe even in the US (i remember it got straight A’s in magazines an all that). but in brazil kof 94 was more popular than SSII in 94?

95 on the other hand, was truly a really great game. fucking awesome. too bad about the damage though. damage output was waaaay too high. and the cpu lvl 8 made it even worse, lets not even talk about rugal or saisyu.

Early 90’s, even the AOF series was popular. Back then there was no concern on how broken a game was.

KOF '94 was okay…but once KOF '95 came out (with the team edit feature) everyone went bonkers about it (with all the dream team combinations being possible). Iori obviously struck pretty quick in the popularity department, too.

It was all about the competitive play anyways, not so much the CPU (although if you had played '94 before, I guess '95’s difficulty would have come as no surprise).

bonkers as in dizzy rascall bonkers?

Bonkers as in DINGERS! :wink:

The thought of playing a KOF in which you can’t pick your own team mates is horrible.

94 was ok-95 is a classic to me-Has one of the greatest Soundtracks in FG history

It was HUGE in Puerto Rico. Absolutely huge. So was SF though. We didn’t favor one over the other. Puerto Rico loved fighters. I don’t know why the US has to “Pick a fighter” seriously. In this day and age, can we really afford to be picky?

KOF XII better become huge, because it looks so fucking sick right now. It definitely has a place at Evo, and is deep enough of a fighter, and accessible enough that it has to succeed.

It’s going to be up to us as a community to hype up the game, hype up fights and upload them. Make tournament scenes in our local communities and blowing this shit up coast to coast. There is no reason KOF can’t coexist with Street Fighter. The fighter wars are over, our joysticks know no prejudice. Neither should we.

^that was awesome

I agree but a vast majority of the SF community tend to disagree. For every KOF fan there seems to be two KOF haters. I would hate to see people pick up KOFXII just because it looks nice. People become blinded by presentation and ignore gameplay, it’s the same reason most individuals still play Final Fantasy even though Square hasn’t made a good FF in years (IMO). I feel a lot of new individuals are picking up SF4 due to the 3D/2D hybrid, while personally I feel the presentation is gaudy and clunky.

Let’s hope people do pick up KOFXII, I don’t wanna see SNK battle bankruptcy again.

98 was big, but during the late 90s, there was too many fighting games.

FFXII was pretty good, cept for the character designs. also, wtf happened to the great ost of the older games? all these new fighters got some shitty ass music in them. really make me wanna kill the composers. i want my ochestra damn it.

What do you think ppl are doing with BB, reading on random forums “I love GG” but I give BB a couple of weeks and the online will be dead while SF:IV will still be kicking

seems like OXM gave XII a 6.5- those fucking cunts

KOF 94 was moderately popular at the arcade I use to attend. I don’t remember the cabinets being packed or anything like that (it was just played a little). When KOF 95 came out, it pretty much went unplayed. But don’t shed too many tears for KOF, the same phenomena happened with Darkstalkers.

darkstalkers 1 wasnt all that good IMO, nightwarriors was where it was at.