How possible is it to play Amaterasu online?

I’m primarily an online player and I use Spiderman/Doom and Nova/Doom. (yes I know Spiderman is very execution heavy but with practice I’m able to do his combos with lag, I just love the character a LOT)

I’m interested in Ammy for her Cold Star assist and I love the Doom/Ammy synergy. She also seems to have great xf3 comeback potential.
I’m very interested in picking her up, but how difficult of a character is she? She seems very complicated with her various weapons.

She’s like Dante. She has many tools to use, but using them at the right time will take much effort. Her risk/reward ratio is however much time you put into using her.

To simply the weapon problem. Here’s a run down of each.

Solar flare=counter based weapon with low range, medium damage, but has frame advantage heavys, and the best counters in the game. She’s hard to chip and hit in this stance because her counters are literally her hitbox. This stance her defensive rush down, and fantastic run away.

Glaive=used for the added OTG, range, damage and mobility. Ammy can do loads of damage in this stance, and it helps her against characters with disjointed range (long limbs or swords). She also has 3 moves that ignore hitstun scaling and those moves are: Thunder Edge (QCF+L/M/H), J. [H] full charge, and F+hhhh. This is her damage dealing stance. Easily netting +650k with 1 meter when used properly.

Rosary=used for space control and the huge range. She’s really hard to approach in this stance and she can cause loads of chip damage. Her Cold Star can be lagged as well, making for a dynamic experience for you assist calls, despite the fact that you can’t call assists when you use it.

Playing Ammy in general on a scaling of 1-10 is about 6-8. She’s useable online, bur extended practice is need to adjust to the lag.