How practical is the Shikofumi?

I find myself accidentally doing this move quite frequently when I mean to do a low sweep and it surprisingly lands most of the time but it seems very punishable. Slow startup but decent hitbox, I guess. I don’t see many Honda players do this move, so, is it practical to incorporate into a Honda battle plan?

It can be useful to bait your opponent into waking up backdash or jump up/back which you can then punish if you cancel shikofumi into ex buttslam, i sometimes do it vs guile in the corner because ex buttslam beats wake up everything guile has.

Then theres the old oicho trick which is always fun.

If you decide to go balls out and just let it rip its only -3 on block so its not incredibly unsafe or anything. Throw out ex headbut if they block it you’ll probably counter hit something.

Can also be cancelled into super/headbut and HHS all of which look pretty cool and are sure to impress your friends.

i’m having trouble canceling into an ex headbutt. Tips?

Get a charge then quicky DFhk back-forward 3PPP

For super its charging down back then back-forward-back-df Hk and hp almost instantly at the same time.

Thats a terrible explanation but basically thats how u do it.

I understood that, thanks

I use it to cancel some stuff to like shikofumi then oicho grab or shikofumi to buttslam.

When cancelling into super I charge downback -> downforward +HK (shikofumi) -> back -> forward + P. The inputs are pretty lenient and you could do the motions relatively easy pace and it would still come out.

I din’t know you could cancel it into EX HB? Might be useful will try that.

Honda’s overhead is probably the slowest in the game, but if you do manage to hit someone with it, the overhead will cause an untechable knockdown. As people have said here, you can cancel the overhead into any of honda’s specials (headbutt, buttslam, ochio, HHS, super). Probably the best use for it is for wake up mixups, though now everyone has probably seen the overhead cancel into ochio by now, so if you are going to use it for that, I suggest doing it quickly… before Honda’s foot reaches above your opponents head, I find it if you do it quickly, players dont have as much time to react and realize that its the overhead into grab… because it looks like one of Honda’s normals (maybe looks like his close standing roundhouse)
Overhead into buttslam will catch people neutral jumping on wake up, and overhead into headbutt will catch the ones backdashing. Its best to use this move vs characters that dont have strong reversals or wake up options. Also, close xx overhead xx ochio works great…not many people do it. Cancel before the second hit of close
The overhead it self can be used as an anti air, but its not very practical, and requires correct spacing, and does not knock down if it is used as anti air, so I would just use st.fierce in that situation.
And last use that I can think of overhead is a reset… if you land a focus attack crumple, you can overhead, and it will reset them… will not knock down… so you can do FA, overhead, dash in jab xx HHS or ochio. But all of these are risky setups, so its best not to do it often.