How reliable is Madcatz TE PCB?

I was thinking of looking into a slimmer or a lexi case to house the Madcatz TE pcb im gonna be using, is it worth resuing it? or should i look @ other options?

Try the PCB first but be very careful of static electricity issues. Take precautions to avoid it.

The TE PCB’s that fail most often are Round 1 and 2 PCB’s… Specially, the 360-issue PCB’s. I’ve heard of fewer problems with the PS3 PCB’s.

IF for some reason the TE PCB fails (regardless of PS3 or 360 build), there are a ton of alternate PCB options. Get an OEM Hori joystick PCB – HRAP 2 or 3 or XBox 360 joystick --, use a PCB from a licensed pad controller (wired recommended for joystick applicatons), or get a third party PCB like one of Toodles’ Cthulu PCB’s or a Paewang controller PCB that has PC/360/PS3 support.

Of course, it sounds like you might be getting a joystick case with a cut area for Turbo/Home/D-pad/LR functions. Not all the alternate PCB’s support Turbo, Home, or Digital/Analog mode. Keep that point in mind. The Paewang controller PCB does have most of the same function support as the TE PCB and I do believe uses the Turbo button function to switch between PS3/360 support from what I’ve skimmed on the Tech boards.