How should I execute my 360s?

Without some sort of set up, I end up jumping half of the time when I do my 360 grabs. Should I do the 360 motion while dashing, attacking or something like that all of the time if I want to use a command grab? I play Hakan if it helps.

Stick or pad?
This makes a huge difference.

Pad. But it is a MadCatz Street Fighter X Tekken pad, not a regular 360 or PS3 one

Throw them out of a window…

Oh wait, you mean the command input. If you’re playing SF4, do a half circle and end in :ub: or :uf:.

OK, I don’t play pad, and I don’t play Hakan, but I’m going to give you some general 360 advice.

Shortcut input is this:

:hcb::uf:+ attack
:hcf::ub:+ attack

Secondly, if you’re going to buffer, e.g. dash up 360 or throw an attack, do it opposite, where you do…

:f::uf::u::ub::b::df:+ attack
:b::ub::u::uf::f::db:+ attack

That said, you shouldn’t get into jams with jumping anymore.

Thanks you two :slight_smile:

Even just :hcb::ub: or :hcf::uf: will work.

Anything works, really. :d::b::f::u: is still a valid 360 input (but yeah, half circle ending in an up is the easier choice).

Wow… Didn’t realize SF4 made things THAT easy…

Dragon punches used to be a precise, and difficult to do motion, and SF4 reduced it down to scrubs wiggling their d-pads or joysticks like mad in order to perform it. SF4 inputs are easy mode.

It helps to do a crouching light attack, or standing light attack, if you want to do a tick throw. Once you’re able to do that, then you’re ready to just do a command grab whenever and wherever without having to whiff an attack, or use an attack to cover up your inputs. Also realize that you don’t need to do a full 360 motion, you can pull it off by just doing 3/4 of a circle to do it. Of course, the easiest way to do this is while jumping, but you’ll have to learn to do it on the ground if you want to become better with Hakan.

DPs were never difficult.

It can be difficult to do for newer players, as well as being able to do it consistently and on reaction to what your opponent does. This is referring to older games with far less input shortcuts and leniency.

Thanks for the tick throw advice. And yah, that ground thing is true. I actually pulled off some oil dives/rockets today without jumping or buffering and noone saw them coming >: D
Feels good man.

I know what you’re talking about. I’m a Super Turbo player… 14 years now… DPs have never been difficult. When you learn a hadoken, takes you about 10 more minutes to learn a DP… The only person I’ve ever seen that couldn’t DP was orochizoolander at Evo 2k7 when he took half an hour to do one… and he mains Sagat in ST. smh…

Now, if you’re talking about Cammy / Fei’s awkward TK motions, or Geese’s Raising Storm… now THOSE have always been difficult. DPs, not so much. The old school tip for that shit was this: hold forward to walk… immediately hadoken. DP out.

Maybe if you learn how to do it as an adult, it’s a lot easier. As a kid growing up in the 90s, doing a dragon-punch was a VERY awkward and unnatural motion. It took time to be able to do it in training mode, let alone doing it instinctively in a competitive match. But I suppose it would be easier as an adult, where you have better hand control and dexterity.

But yeah, Cammy’s motions are pretty awkward and chaotic. Even Cammy players can have trouble pulling them off. I actually love performing TK motions, it just somehow feels more satisfying to execute it properly. Doing Sagat’s TK into uppercut has got to be one of the best feelings in the world.

As for doing a DP, just focus on doing a perfect Z motion. You can do the hold forward to walk idea, too, but I prefer to think of it as holding the diagonal position while you press the buttons, that way you’re sure to hit the diagnoals.

Sir, I grew up in the 90s, and I’m only a year older than you. I learned to DP on stick when I was 10.

Grats. But that wasn’t always the case with most kids. I was never comfortable with executing on a stick until just a few years ago, and I was always much better on pad than on stick, always will be.