How should I get the scratch[s] out of my TE-S?


So… somehow my stick fell on my carpet and the front end of the stick got scratched up… don’t ask how 'cause I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Anyway, this is the stick and scratch;

I was wondering how I should buffer/sand/whatever it out? What would be the best route?

I have a dremel if that would help, and a couple of different options for bits;

What do you guys think? I’m no expert on plastic… or anything for that matter. :frowning:


Try a plastic polish/renew kit. They sell them at auto chains. One brand that comes to mind is Nexus. Give that a shot before buffing with a dremel.


^^Yep or I usually use micromesh up to 12k for that type of work.


o _ o … so I have to go and spend money… is there a cheaper… alternative way… that doesn’t involve money… D:


Sure thing. Most people have them in the desks. It’s called a Sharpie. Preferably black.


You could try to blend with a heat gun. The TE is so susceptible to scratches due to it’s cheap plastic.